Hire Dedicated Development Team in 2022: Know Why It’s Important For You

Hire Dedicated Development Team in 2022 Know Why It’s Important For You

There comes a time when a business needs talented professionals to proceed with the project, and it happens whenever there is a lack of that specific skill in the in-house development team.

Moreover, in recent times, where Pandemic has become a sort of life-long partner, running a business is costlier than ever. Everything is prohibitively pricey.

As a result, hiring a Dedicated Development Team is the most realistic option. But before you completely surrender yourself to this team, you should ask yourself when hiring a Dedicated Development Team is whether or not they have the skill set that your company needs and the availability to meet deadlines. A dedicated team of developers can comprise two people or even more than 50. It is dependent on the project and the amount of time required to finish the assignment.

What Is A Dedicated Development Team?

A dedicated development team is a group of professionals who specialize in application development. They usually work independently under the supervision of the Project Manager on project-specific activities.

It tells us that you can hire different companies to do your development work, including offshore, local, and remote teams.

The Different Types Of Dedicated Development Teams

There are three main types:

  • Full-service dedicated team
  • On-demand dedicated team
  • Maintenance dedicated team

Offshore Team

This type of dedicated development team is the most common. Companies hire a team in a different country and pay them on an hourly basis. They are accountable for their actions while also being subjected to strict timelines. The client often reviews their work.

Nearshore Team

This type of team is also known as a colocation development model. It simply means that both parties are close to each other. The main benefit of this model is cost savings which come from reduced travel costs and time spent on site by the development team.

On-site Team

It is the most common model of a dedicated development team, where they are placed on-site at your office and work together with other members of your company’s IT department. This model typically has higher costs than the previous two models, but it also offers the highest level of productivity.

Benefits Of Hiring A Dedicated Development Team

There are many benefits to hiring a dedicated development team:

They provide an objective view of your project, as they can see it from the outside without any biases or preconceived notions. This assists in identifying possible concerns and resolving them before they become larger ones later.

  1. You may relax knowing that your project is in capable hands.
  2. Your employees don’t need to be distracted by the development process, giving them more focus on their jobs.
  3. Hiring a dedicated development team will help you save money; they are often cheaper than hiring an entire team of in-house employees.
  4. Hiring a dedicated development team can open up opportunities in the future, giving you access to top talent.
  5. A dedicated software development company is more likely to give your project its full attention.
  6. They can offer expert recommendations on how to make your business procedures more efficient.
  7. There is no need to worry about security because a dedicated development team will work on one project only and have all the necessary protocols.
  8. They can provide you with a 24/365 support service so that your website or mobile application doesn’t go down at any point during business hours throughout the year.

Hiring a dedicated development team will allow you to avoid the challenges of having multiple teams working on different aspects of your project.

Why Did The Tech Giants Hire On Their Dedicated Development Teams?

Companies are looking for people who can think out of the box and come up with innovative solutions. To achieve this, the companies need well-versed people with the latest technology and can feel like a leader to develop solutions that will help them dominate the market in the coming days.

Here are some excellent instances of well-known firms that have delegated IT development to dedicated teams:


To keep expenses down, the corporation chose to outsource all development. As a result, the application was created by professionals from Eastern Europe. Everything went smoothly, as you can see. WhatsApp is widely utilized all around the world.


Slack was quick on its feet and gained 10 million users at the beginning of 2019. The mobile app, logo, and website were redesigned after the company outsourced the overall design concept. As a result, now it’s trendy among developers.


We all know what Skype is. It’s popular, and a few years back, it was the only option for conducting an online meeting via video call.

It reached this popularity when it decided to outsource its back-end development to a dedicated development team in 2003. Now, it has been long acquired by Microsoft for a hefty amount of money.

What Are The Different Dedicated Team Models?

Many different models can be used for dedicated teams. They include Full-service, On-demand, and Maintenance. Each unit has its benefits over the other, depending on what you need to accomplish with your software development project. Further details will go into more detail about each of these three types of Dedicated Teams.

  • Full-service dedicated team
  • On-demand dedicated team
  • Maintenance dedicated team

Full-service Dedicated Team

End-to-end support in product development, testing, and managed IT service activities are provided by the team.

On-demand Dedicated Team

Team with specific expertise (a.k.a. on-demand/project-based) who can ramp up and down as needed to support the company’s needs for short periods.

Maintenance Dedicated Team

A team is providing maintenance services rather than product development or enhancements; these companies offer support to maintain the software or systems used in your company’s service.

Who Are The Service Professionals You Could Hire?

UI/UX designer

They are responsible for creating beautiful and user-friendly interfaces like app screens in the case of mobile apps, which are then handed over to the developers.

Front-end Developer

Front-end developers convert data into graphical interfaces to let users interact with the product, such as whatever you do on a website is the work of a Front-end developer. It is done with the help of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Back-end Developers

These developers are responsible for creating and maintaining the back-end of a website consisting of the server, application, and database.

QA (Quality Assurance)

QA Specialists are in charge of finding product flaws and preventing them from reoccurring.

Project Manager

He is the one who supervises the smooth ongoing development of the project and submits reports regularly. He is instrumental when you lack technical knowledge.

Data Scientists

They’re in charge of detecting trends, creating models, and developing algorithms to better analyze product usage and overall health to act as prototypes that will eventually be incorporated into the product.

Solutions Architect

They are involved in the decision-making process at the solution level and the analysis of their impact on the broader business objectives and outcomes.

The development team includes all of the professionals listed above and many others, but the choice is always based on the project objectives and business goals.

Essential Points To Acknowledge When You Hire A Dedicated Development Team

Regions To Appoint A Development Team

There are several hiring regions all around the globe for a development team. Still, among these, North America charges the most, and then comes the Asian countries, which set you the lowest, but you need to keep in mind the customer service reviews because it is a crucial factor to consider.

Here’s a chart which shows the average rate of hiring different service personnel:

Platforms Where You Can Find A Dedicated Team

For hiring a trustable partner as your dedicated development team, you need to find them on a trustable marketplace where they are listed. Simply Googling it can work, but it could really confuse you with the overwhelming list of results. Just try these to save time and find a recommended partner for your project with all the vital information about your new partner at your fingertips.

It’s recommended that you choose one of these platforms because there are numerous opportunities to control your code and check your team’s activity.

Do The Market Research

A Dedicated Development team should be perfect in every aspect like they should work efficiently, communicate properly, follow instructions to the letter and resolve problems if they arise (which happens sometimes).

Just study how many years they’re in business before deciding if you want to work with them and know about their related expertise so they can help you achieve your goal. It’s good to know what other companies did before hiring a Dedicated Development Team. Sometimes, the Dedicated Development Team doesn’t provide good service, which turns out to be an absolute waste of money. Dedicated Development teams are meant to bring success and profit to the business, but they can’t do so if they cannot understand what you want from them.

Look At The Company’s Review

Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, the Dedicated Development Team is an investment that should be handled with care. It is always a good idea to go through all the business reviews about the company before considering it for your partnership. It will give you a better understanding of the company’s service, and you will be able to determine if it is legit or not. This can save you time and money in the long run because you won’t be dealing with con artists who are only interested in your money.

Review websites like Yelp, Glassdoor, SiteJabber, TrustPilot are great sources where people can shed light on companies they have used.

Evaluate Previous Projects

Once you’ve found companies specializing in Dedicated Development teams, it’s time to do some research. Take some time evaluating previous projects of the company(s) in question to get a better idea of how Dedicated Development teams from that company would approach your project.

Check out if their previous projects are similar to what you’re doing and take notes on the codebase. If they’re not, it’s crucial to find a Dedicated Development team with companies that do similar projects to yours.

Suppose the company has a Dedicated Development team with a history of serious projects. In that case, you can assume that a Dedicated Development team will be helpful when it comes to your project.

Dedicated teams get better at their process each time they work on another project, so this is definitely worth looking into.

Protect Your Data

Suppose you want to protect your idea from the beginning. In that case, you should sign an NDA agreement where the Dedicated Development Team will keep all of your information confidential, and in case they find a copyright infringement, later on, they can claim infringement without disclosing your project details.

If you disclose your app idea before a contract is signed, the Dedicated Development Team has the right to claim your idea as their own even if they don’t implement it.

If the Dedicated Development Team signs a contract with you for a specific feature and then turns around and starts selling a similar feature without you knowing, you will not be able to bring any action against them since they were allowed to work with your idea under the terms of the contract. Your only option is to sue the Dedicated Development Team for breaching their contract with you.

Well, it’s a complicated and sensitive topic, and I would suggest you research it extensively on your own.

How Can Cliffex Help?

We have a team of certified professionals who can deploy projects rapidly and ensure on-time delivery as well. You will have direct contact with your team with 24*7 support to get you out of any challenges of your projects.

Moreover, you could choose which expertise you need to work on your project with no fixed costs as the cost will be dependent on your project requirements.

You never have to be worried about your project’s security, IP, and confidentiality, as you will have total control over everything.

To approach your new project, we offer a Step-by-Step procedure.

  • We examine the project’s requirements and make recommendations for a dedicated team approach.
  • You respond to our recommendations.
  • Cliffex selects members of our team to assist you with your projects based on your suggestions.
  • You assess the candidates and choose the ones who are the best fit.
  • The dedicated team works on tasks and keeps you or the project manager up to date.

All these features will help you attain your goal faster. Whether you wish to be with us for a short term or a long term project, We will not back out.


When you hire a Dedicated Development Team, it will mostly prove beneficial as per your project’s requirements but always keep in mind the points that I have shared in this blog before going through with it. Your business idea/plan should be well protected, and all the required steps and legal procedures need to be taken care of before discussing it with your hired Dedicated Development Team.

Research well and identify the real reason for hiring a dedicated team as it happens many times, companies lose their way in the middle. Only hire professionals which you really need for your project. You can talk to us, and we will do all this for you.

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