Empowering Businesses with Cutting-Edge Software Solutions

At Cliffex, we are dedicated to providing industry-ready solutions that empower businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively. Our innovative software offerings are designed to meet the unique needs of a variety of industries, from healthcare to finance to manufacturing. Our team of experienced developers is constantly researching and developing new technologies to ensure that our solutions stay ahead of the curve. 

At Cliffex, we don’t innovate for the sake of innovation; we innovate because our ideas deliver new value.

Customers who engage in our end-to-end product development services discover insights into why they need certain solutions, clarity into what solutions will solve their problems, and an actionable approach demonstrating how to successfully create these solutions.

Digital Transformation

Transitioning businesses for the digital, fully remote future takes planning, strategy, effort, and time. Our team of entrepreneurs and digital natives can help you decode the future and position your company for rapid growth.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Our experts analyze your company’s tech infrastructure, processes, and structures to both strengthen the organization’s short-term performance and maintain sustainable long-term improvement.

Application Development

How do you choose the right platform for building your application? For each type of app development, our experts have digital skills and mindset that take your project to the next level.

Turn-key IoT System Engineering

Bridge the gap between people and devices together with our team of engineers, making the most out of IoT technology and influencing the global transformation.

End-to-end ML and AI Model Production

We are committed to pairing machine learning endless capabilities and your business goals. Our services bring years of combined experience to build AI-powered software.

Big Data Infrastructure and Management

Transform your data into valuable, actionable insights to make better business decisions, create new revenue streams, and win a competition.

Re-engineering of Legacy Products and Apps

Envision advanced possibilities with our legacy modernization services by upgrading the outdated systems and troubleshooting the issues in real-time.

Experience Transformation Solutions

Lead the future with transformational customer-centered experiences and revolutionize the way your brand and your customers interact.

Journey (Re)Invention

Close the gap between what your customers expect and the experience that is delivered by leveraging service design to identify and implement new experiences, integrate customer touchpoints and define the operational changes needed to realize a new customer journey.

Connected Environments

Re-define the role of your brick-and-mortar footprint along with your digital experience to find new ways to maximize the customer and business impact of your combined digital and physical locations.

CX & Employee Enterprise Platform Design

Rapidly modernize your CX and EX (customer and employee experience) by mapping processes, technology and data to connect the experiential and operational reinvention essential to your organization’s digital transformation.

Product Design & Optimization

Ensure your products stay competitive in a world where context, complexity and behaviors are all constantly changing by not only designing the right things but designing things right. Fusing strategy and design, we help create compelling and relevant experiences that provide and create value while purposefully delivering on your brand promise.

Design Systems & Tools Acceleration

Enable your digital maturity with a central source of truth for your brand’s digital language and an accelerator across your product ecosystem. With consistent processes, tools and reusable resources, drive a cohesive digital experience strategy while delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Total Commerce Solutions

Build and strengthen both your business operations and customer value by using data to deliver exceptional buying experiences.

B2B Commerce

Rapidly identify high-value ways to streamline operations with solutions that capture data across channels and create meaningful customer-centric digital experiences—both for today’s buyers and in anticipation of new generations entering the buying landscape.

Omnichannel Commerce

Harness years of multichannel expertise and our extensive network of partners to get to market ahead of the competition—where you can connect your brand with your customers at every touchpoint, own the conversation and build long-term relationships that increase customer lifetime value.

Digital Marketplaces

Identify and develop your first-party and third-party marketplace solutions that increase revenue and reach, gain access to first-party customer data and avoid channel conflict so you can restore and maintain control of your brand.

Supply Chain & Order Management Optimization

Take your digital supply chain and order management systems from cost center to value driver by increasing visibility, optimizing picking and shipping, and enhancing your operations to improve margins and provide a better, more data-informed experience.

Cloud optimization

Discover new paradigms in efficiency and cloud infrastructure usage. We optimize cost by identifying and reducing unnecessary spending on cloud resources.

Monitoring and support

We use various services like AWS CloudWatch, Data Dog APM, New Relic APM, etc. to monitor and log infrastructure and applications for proactive actions.

Technology Modernization

Fuel your digital transformation with an innovative, end-to-end technology approach and accelerate your efficiency and return on investment.

Software Delivery Modernization

Drive efficiency across your software delivery pipeline, methods and organizational structures by unifying technology and business delivery. We’ll help you identify sources of value to your end customers and implement the right solutions to unlock that value across your organization.

Application Modernization

Develop a roadmap and a delivery plan—with a partner equipped with the technical prowess to make it happen—that modernizes your business-critical applications with minimal disruption while protecting your software portfolio and reducing technical debt.

Digital Platform Engineering

Design, develop and launch truly disruptive digital products for your enterprise with flexibility, velocity and scale. Going beyond traditional platform development, this solution engages over 30 years of expertise within modular architectures, methods, technologies and engineering rigor.

Cloud Services

Accelerate your cloud adoption—whether public, private or hybrid—and maximize performance, scalability, security, reliability and productivity. In addition, your cloud will be monitored and managed 24/7 to ensure peace of mind for your business-critical applications.

Application Sustenance

Optimize sustenance operations for speed, quality and cost with support from engineers familiar with app development, and bridge the gap between traditional and site reliability engineering (SRE) application support.

Customer Engagement Solutions

Learn how to take the data you have and turn it into data you use. Transform the way your business understands and responds to customer data, and discover new ways to connect, create efficiency and grow your top line.

Customer Data Platform

Shorten the distance between your business and a 360-degree view of your customer. With clear use cases, enterprise-wide intelligence, privacy safeguards and more, our cloud-based customer data platform (CDP) solutions quickly enable data independence and customer-centricity.

Data Monetization

Get more from your mountains of customer data by unlocking new revenue streams; create hyper-personalized revenue-generating experiences; expand reach with onsite and offsite channels; and increase operational efficiencies that reduce costs.

Digital Identity

Modernize how you collect and use first-party (1P) data, build a unified digital user identifier, enrich segmentation and personalization practices and create new income streams by leveraging technology to make the most of your data.