Cliffex® is a global software development and digital marketing company that delivers agile digital transformation to businesses for remarkable growth and success.

We utilize our expertise in mainstream and modern technologies like web 2.0, mobile apps, e-commerce, no-code/low-code, CMS, AI and chatbots to build innovative products and deliver exceptional services.

We enable exponential growth with exceptional talent, hardened processes, quality output, and strategic approach. After nearly a decade in business, we are accustomed to delivering great experiences in digital product engineering and marketing.

Our Services

Product Engineering

Product Engineering

We help enterprises in their digital transformation journey, from planning and building to scaling with the latest technologies to create groundbreaking solutions.

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Cloud Engineering

Cloud Engineering

Empowering businesses by unlocking the full potential of cloud technology. We meticulously plan, architect, and build scalable cloud solutions.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We help businesses make the most of their online presence by meticulously planing, executing, and measuring results-driven marketing strategies.

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Case studies

AI driven digital enablement platform for healthcare providers

AI-driven platform for digital enablement of healthcare providers. Empowers healthcare providers to manage and run their business online.

Building data-driven, live fantasy sports platform for MMA fan clubs

A modern, data driven, responsive web platform for bringing MMA fantasy sports and betting to MMA sports fans to elevate their UFC experience.

Smart insurance claim inspections leveraging phone hardware

Cloud-enabled mobile app platform that  leverages hardware and sensor data to deliver quality inspections and data-driven insurance claim processing.

Generated demand of EV charger installation via organic and PR outreach

Generated demand for major installer of electric car chargers in Scotland with organic SEO and PR outreach resulting in 560% increase in website traffic.

Industries we've served

Financial services

Helping Banking, Finance and Insurance industries with digital transformation at every level. 

Consumer goods

Enabling Retail & E-commerce deliver unbeatable convenience to their customers. 

Travel and hospitality

Bringing operation efficiencies and customer experience in Travel and hospitality companies.


Unlocking new levels of patient, provider, and caregiver experience in healthcare.

Fantasy sports

Helping to fantasy sports clubs to scale and become profitable with digital transformation.

Real Estate

Building visually appealing, advanced data systems for Real estate industry.


Experts in building resilient, large scale, multi-tenant online marketplaces.

Fitness and wellness

Advanced tracking, activity guidance, and e-commerce to wellness and fitness apps.


Implementing IoT, smart systems and monitoring to the manufacturing industry.

Information technology

Providing cutting edge technical consulting to future SaaS unicorns and IT behemoths.

Logistics & transportation

Adding speed of operations and agility in execution to logistics and transportation firms.

Lifestyle & fashion

Helping lifestyle and fashion brands in their digital journey with smart solutions.


Our AI solution improves quality of service and saves more than $100,000/yr in operation costs.

ARTI AI – our AI-driven suite of support and automation solutions provides various applications that enable instant and omni-channel service while reducing operation costs. 

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