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We deliver business and technology transformation from start to finish. Leveraging agile methodologies, proven customer collaboration frameworks, engineering excellence tools, and hybrid teams. With us products ship faster, capabilities expand, and teams grow stronger.

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Our core

We're all about agile product engineering

With over decades of commercial software product engineering expertise and more than 10 years of globally distributed agile delivery, we focus on designing and building repeatable models to deliver your innovations to market using our best ideas and tools that range from our own proven process to increasingly intelligent AI-driven platforms.

Product Development Team

A team of committed strategists, designers, and engineers work closely together, collaborating from the initial idea and validation process to the implementation and refinement stage.

Offshore Team

Get immediate access to a skilled offshore team to expedite the progress of your current product development endeavors. Get resources to build additional capabilities in your existing team.

Strategy & Analytics

By combining comprehensive analysis and qualitative secondary research, we introduce product precision and comprehension of user requirements for swift product development. 

User Experience

Our design strategies use data to optimize customer lifetime value. While anyone can suggest adjustments to your user experience, we have the ability to put those recommendations into action.

Agile Software Delivery

Starting with requirement analysis and continuing through to implementation and collaborative delivery. We work closely with your team every step of the way. 

Quality Assurance

Software QA team performs rigorous manual and automated testing to ensure all deliveries meet defined requirements and modern benchmarks in performance, UI and UX.

Our Capabilities

Cliffex is a team of multidisciplinary digital product experts focused on product engineering, design consulting, cloud engineering and digital marketing. We also work hand in hand with the design, development and marketing departments of our clients. 

Product Engineering

By leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we enable businesses to stay ahead of the curve and achieve their goals in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

Design Consulting

With design thinking, our team's design capabilities cover all aspects of the design process from user research and prototyping to visual design and usability testing.

Cloud Engineering

Cliffex's cloud capabilities enable organizations to optimize cloud, build business resilience, improve operational efficiency, accelerate innovation and agility at scale.

Digital Marketing

Cliffex's pragmatic digital marketing capabilities enable enterprises to increase brand awareness, boost sales, streamline spends and deepen client engagement for business growth.

“Our goal is to assist our clients in updating their fundamental technology, take advantage of advancements in technology, improve efficiency through automation, drive digital expansion, design exceptional digital experiences, and cultivate digital proficiency and organizational culture.”

T. Reid Lewis

T. Reid Lewis

VP of Business Development

Cliffex in numbers

As a leading provider of IT consulting and cutting-edge digital services, our company has assisted businesses throughout Asia, the Americas, and Europe in successfully navigating their digital transformation initiatives.


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By utilizing our extensive knowledge in digital product development, we aim to achieve measurable business objectives, establish a robust design structure at the onset, and equip our clients with the tools necessary to maintain a cohesive product.

Operating models

We have teams of developers, designers, and other professionals working in different time zones, which allows for around-the-clock work and faster turnaround times. Our robust communication and project management systems ensure that work is completed on time and to the client’s satisfaction.

Offshore Software Development

When you have a project that needs a lot of people and has a tight deadline, hiring an offshore development team can be a great way to get it done quickly and efficiently. At Cliffex, we have a big group of talented experts who are up-to-date on the latest and greatest technology. We can help you with everything from start to finish, and we’re available 24/7 for support and maintenance. And the best part? It won’t break the bank!

Rightshore Software Development

When it comes to software development models, there’s no single solution that works for everyone. Each organization needs to take a close look at their strengths and challenges, and come up with a customized approach. Rightshore Software Development is one option that many companies are exploring. This approach involves a blend of onshore, nearshore, and offshore resources, depending on the specific needs of the project. For example, key processes like Project Delivery, Architecture, and UX/UI might be kept closer to home, while tasks like software development, quality assurance, and DevOps could be outsourced to an offshore location. At the end of the day, the goal is to find the right mix of resources to make your project a success!

Nearshore Software Development

If you need a development team that’s available in your time zone, but you don’t necessarily need them to work in the same physical location, a nearby team could be the perfect fit for you. This approach offers access to highly skilled resources who have the same level of expertise and efficiency as onshore teams, but at a more affordable cost. Plus, since the team is located nearby, you’ll have better time zone alignment, which makes real-time collaboration and agile development easier. At Cliffex, we have consultants located all over the world, so we can offer our top-quality nearshore services, no matter where you are located.

Why Cliffex

We orchestrate each engagement to help you scale your business solutions to meet the growing demands of your customers by reaching across geographies, time zones and functions.

Agile Services

We have top-notch Agile Services, designed to help businesses stay ahead of the game with agile, flexible software development, strategic digital marketing and robust cloud managed services.

Data Driven Strategy

We always default to data-driven strategies to deliver powerful software development, impactful digital marketing, and cloud managed services that drive real results for our clients.

Process Oriented Execution

Our process-oriented approach to executing projects, ensures that every step of the way is well-planned, well-documented, and well-executed for maximum efficiency and success.

Talented Team

The talented team of experts at Cliffex has a deep passion for solving problems via technology and innovation, and are dedicated to delivering outstanding results for our clients every single time.

What our clients say about us

Time and again. The talented team at Cliffex delivers excellent solutions our clients love to appreciate.

Sam Sherman

Sam Sherman

@BrokerGenius, CEO

I have nothing but great words to speak about them. They handle my app like their own. Things get done and problems get solved on their own.

Jason Vowell

Jason Vowell

@Consensus point, CTO

The whole offshore team did a great job in our development process in first-rate and it’s a wonderful experience.

Suresh Dakshina

Suresh Dakshina

@Chargeback Gurus

We just wanted to build an admin dashboard for chargeback gurus. What we got in return was the best feature of our product. Differentiated us from all our competition.

Adalbert Pilip

Adalbert Pilip

@Smart Appointment, CEO

It is a breeze working with my team at Cliffex. I am a full time Internist and Cardiologist. I am amazed to see how much my team has been able to accomplish just with my vision and high level directions. It saves me $500,000 per year in my practice alone. Every doctor on SmartAppointment has experienced the same and praises Smart Appointment for it.

Tom White

Tom White

@iQuantifi, CEO

Their services have always been professional and prompt while being flexible with the needs of a startup company… would highly recommend him to others.

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