Product Design

Usability and design experts to build your
Product design., MVP product., Product strategy., Design prototype.

Our skilled team consisting of digital product designers, business analysts, UX researchers, UX/UI designers, brand designers, and motion designers can fulfill all the necessary roles for designing and promoting your digital products to your audience.

What we offer?

Cliffex delivers comprehensive product design services for businesses of all sizes. Our expertise in design processes allows us to craft user centric, beautiful products customers love to use.

Design Sprints

We engage in a five-day workshop for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas. It is an effective method for quickly iterating through ideas and creating a working prototype.

Sprint Process

Generate innovative ideas, rapidly prototype and test ideas, validate assumptions, identify and address potential issues, and ultimately produce a tangible and effective solution or product.

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Product Documentation

Documenting a product’s features, functionality, and design are crucial to its scalability and success. Serving as the initial source information. This document serves as a reference for the development team and helps ensure that the product meets the intended specifications.

Clickable Prototype

Build an early design prototype and test an interactive version with end customers for feedback and validation. For enterprises, such interactive product prototypes are are excellent way to get real world feedback from stakeholders and potential users.

UI/UX Design

We design visual elements and ensure that the product is intuitive and easy to use for the end customer. UI/UX is measured by data-driven UX metrics like Task success rate and Time on task. Good UI not only elevates brand value, it also increases product adoption and engagement.

Branding & Design Kit

We build collection of on-brand design resources utilized to establish a cohesive visual appearance throughout the product. This includes things like icons, fonts, and color schemes. Our design kit is used to speed up the design process and ensure consistency across a product and its variations.