Avant Grade Managed Cloud Optimization Services

Our team of certified Google Cloud and AWS cloud optimization experts optimize your cloud operations by automating processes, controlling resource usage, and reducing costs while maintaining cloud governance standards with our cloud optimization services.

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Value Delivered Through Continuous Cloud Optimization

Our AWS and Google Cloud specialists bring years of relevant industry experience to optimize your cloud operations. Our clients trust us to improve efficiency, automate processes, control resource usage and expenses, enhance security, and much more.


Expedite Scaling & Scheduling

We dynamically adjust cloud resources based on business needs and proactively plan scaling utilizing usage data to minimize idle resource time.


Adopt Right-sizing Initiatives

Assess the ideal cloud size for the current level of business operations and prevent overspending by aligning resource usage with ideal levels.


Assess Misalignments

Examine discrepancies in the cloud-based components of products/services for signs of excessive resource utilization and cost overruns.


Monitor Resources

Track the performance of both current and renovated cloud systems for optimization opportunities and obtain actionable insights and detailed resource usage analytics.


Optimize Costs

Reduce costs by synchronizing infrastructure and resource requirements with business requirements. Maximize automation to minimize costs, decrease manual involvement, and lower the potential for errors.

Get the Cliffex advantage with our Cloud Optimization Services

Enjoy 360 degree approach to cloud management with our certified Google Cloud and AWS cloud engineers optimizing everything from costs to resource utilization. 


Assessment & Right-sizing

We analyze your current cloud architecture, design and development process. We also determine the optimal size of a resources based on the workload requirements and adjust it accordingly to reduce overprovisioning or underprovisioning, thus reducing cloud costs.


Load Balancing

We configure and implement distributing workloads across multiple resources to optimize resource utilization, improve application performance, and prevent downtime of your applications.



We deploy scripts to automatically adjust the number of VMs based on workload demand, ensuring that resources are always available to meet demand and avoiding overprovisioning and underprovisioning.


Resource Grouping

Our cloud optimization experts organize resources into logical groups to improve management, visibility, and cost optimization.



Based on resource monitoring and business use, we define when resources are needed and automatically start or stop them to reduce unnecessary cloud costs.


Cost Optimization

We analyze your Google Cloud or AWS cloud costs and identify areas for optimization, such as unused resources, underutilized VMs, and expensive storage to implement an optimized resource usage strategy.


Cloud Migration

Our team of certified cloud migration experts move applications and data from on-premise data centers to the cloud to improve scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.


Monitoring and Reporting

We collect data on resource utilization, cloud costs, and performance to identify areas for optimization and improve cost management.

AWS Managed Cloud Services, Optimization, Managed Application & DevOps

Efficient cloud management to optimize growing infrastructure and automated deployments for a leading homecare CRM.

Key achivements

Google Cloud Infrastructure, Managed Application and DevOps, CI/CD & Automation

End to end cloud application management and delivery for popular MMA Fantasy club platform. Including automations for resource optimization and CI/CD deployments.

Key achivements

Our Process

From network optimization to cost management, and from storage optimization to compute power, we use a systematic approach to identify areas for improvement and implement the best solutions for your unique needs. Our process is designed to streamline operations, reduce costs, and ensure that your cloud infrastructure is running at peak efficiency.


We access the shortcomings in your current infrastructure. Analyze the root causes of under-optimization, including operational inefficiencies, storage challenges, increasing costs, and insufficient monitoring. Enhance the executive-level oversight of your cloud ecosystem.


We streamline your cloud infrastructure by removing obsolete components such as unused EBS volumes or orphaned instances, optimizing computation costs through practices like reserved instance purchases, and updating cloud security policies for optimal protection.


This involved involves automating processes and workflows to reduce manual effort, improve consistency, and increase efficiency. This can include automating instance provisioning, resource scaling, and cloud cost tracking and reporting.


We optimize network, storage, costs, compute power, and operations while providing transparency into cloud infrastructure costs, usage statistics, and security reports. We also setup alerts for inefficient usage and deviations from reference architectures, and leverages rich analytics to resolve issues, automating as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our cloud support team has compiled a list of frequently asked questions for the benefit of every enterprise looking for cloud optimization services:

What are cloud optimization services?

Cloud optimization services are professional services offered by a credible third-party provider like Cliffex to optimize a company’s cloud computing environment and infrastructure for improved performance, cost savings, and increased efficiency.

Why are cloud optimization services important?

Cloud optimization services are important because they help companies ensure that their cloud environment is running optimally, reducing operational costs, improving performance and security, and maximizing the benefits of cloud computing.

What services do cloud optimization providers offer?

Cloud optimization providers like Cliffex offer a range of services, including cloud cost optimization, cloud security and compliance, cloud performance optimization, cloud migration and deployment, and 24/7 monitoring and support.

Who needs cloud optimization services?

Companies of all sizes and from all industries can benefit from cloud optimization services, especially those that rely heavily on cloud computing and have complex cloud environments.

How much do cloud optimization services cost?

The cost of cloud optimization services varies depending on the provider, the services offered, and the your company’s specific needs. Cliffex offer fixed-fee services for worry-free cost control so that enterprises can really enjoy value of the cloud optimization services rendered.

How do I choose a cloud optimization provider?

When choosing a cloud optimization provider, considering the provider’s expertise and experience in the cloud computing industry is the foremost requirement. We have certified Google Cloud and Amazon AWS architects for delivering best results and consultation.

Can cloud optimization services improve my company's bottom line?

Yes, cloud optimization services can significantly improve a company’s bottom line by reducing operational costs, improving application performance, improving user experience, and maximizing the benefits of cloud computing within the enterprise.

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