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Cliffex delivers the technology and strategy that you need to optimize performance. Our goal is to help you achieve geometric growth at each customer lifecycle stage–and maximize the return on your investment.

Since 2014, we’ve helped all kinds of companies grow their sales

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Our digital marketing philosophy center around the idea that without action, persistent negative external forces such as algorithm updates, competitor innovation, and evolving user expectations will substantially impact the visibility of your business online. Only with smart, continuous action can businesses combat these external factors and create real, meaningful Digital Growth.

  • Digital Strategy

  • KPIs & Goal Setting

  • Messaging & Positioning

  • Content Strategy

  • Paid Search (PPC) Management

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Web Design & Development

  • Content writing

Website Experience & Conversion Optimization

Our dedicated, in-house team of designers and developers will ensure your website is fully equipped to attract and convert qualified visitors.

Responsive Website

Page Speed

Canonical Tags 









URL Structure

Site Audit

& more…

Technical SEO & Authority-Building

A great website won’t do you much good if you can’t get it in front of the right people. We’ll help you ensure all your technical & on-page SEO i’s are dotted and t’s crossed.

Paid Advertising & Remarketing

Advertising means not spend money on any network but to choose right platform with great planning. We’ll help you launch smart, strategic paid campaigns on the right platforms to maximize your advertising spend.

Social Marketing & Audience-Building

Social media is where connections are forged and brands are established online. Whatever the market, we can help you find and engage with your audience through this high-touch channel.

Marketing Technology & Automation

Automation isn’t just about saving time, it’s about multiplying impact. Whether you’re sending custom-tailored communications or building a better contact database, we can help you create a sustainable and effective marketing automation strategy.

What our clients says

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Customer experience with Cliffex proven approch

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What is customer experience?

Customer experience is the combined interactions a customer has with your brand. It looks at the lifecycle of the customer, mapping each and every touchpoint the customer has with you. It highlights where you’re delivering an exceptional experience, building loyalty and advocacy.

Is digital marketing part of customer experience?

ANY marketing communication, whether digital or otherwise, is a part of customer experience.” Digital channels represent an increasingly important way in which organizations communicate with prospective and existing customers.

What does a digital marketer do?

A digital marketer is a marketing specialist who understands how to develop and deploy effective marketing strategies online. A digital marketer understands connecting with an online audience. They can ensure your brand engages with your consumer from the first point of contact through after-sales service.

How cost-effective is Digital Marketing compared with Traditional Marketing?

Digital marketing is cost-effective in that you can get your message directly in front of your ideal audience. Consider that traditional marketing casts a wide net across the general public. In contrast, digital marketing takes a targeted approach and engages the consumer with the right message at the right time. You can measure your digital marketing efforts and the costs involved quite easily and mitigate unnecessary spending. This is far more difficult with traditional marketing campaigns. What’s more, the costs involved with hiring a digital marketing company are dependent on the project scope.

How do you identify a successful Digital Marketing Company?

Look for a company that takes the time to assess your current and future marketing needs. A digital marketing agency worth its salt won’t promise immediate results because digital strategies take time to yield results. But it will boast a team of experts able to identify needs and gaps in your current strategy. What’s more, they will work with you to establish outcomes, align with your goals and offer consistent, transparent reporting. Be cautious about companies offering a quick fix. Choose a company with proven successes, and client testimonials.

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