Why Use Cloud Computing for Mobile App Development?

Why Use Cloud Computing for Mobile App Development

Over the years, Cloud Computing has revolutionized the way entrepreneurs and developers have viewed successful mobile app development. The exponential growth of the Cloud Computing industry was $371.4 billion in 2020 and it is all set to reach a target of $832.1 billion by 2025 as per MarketsandMarkets Research Private Ltd.

Data Analytics and Cloud Computing play a role in building the most innovative mobile apps that give a high return on investment. Modern-day enterprises need faster, efficient means for developing applications – meeting the requirements of the enterprises. The technology perfectly fits into the role.

Furthermore, enterprises that opt for Cloud in developing mobile apps offer the maximum profit as security acts as a primary concern for applications developed.

In this post, we provide the advantages and disadvantages of Cloud Computing in mobile app development.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing in Mobile App Development

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages:



In traditional app development, the developers take help from external hardware, unlike that in Cloud Computing. It has all the servers online, and it enables to increase the allocation of resources and bandwidth for various apps with just a single click. The technology allows for higher scalability with the right resource allocation to various apps. It ensures no slowdown of the app because of a lack of sufficient funds.

Offer Fully Integrated Solutions

The technology is fully integrated while developing an app with a web-based platform. Web-based apps provide higher performance when compared with traditional apps. All this is because of reasons like integrated web apps created with a single platform. The integrated apps offer higher security.

Faster Speed

The developers can deploy and test Cloud-based apps at a faster speed. The developers can use the technology since the enterprise can utilize the apps in real-time.


The app development companies outsource the servers and the data centres from the vendors. The app development cost for using a Cloud environment becomes more effective since the enterprises do not need to invest in server maintenance and data centre costs.

Advanced Features

Cloud Computing technology has transformed the entire mobile app development scenario altogether differently. The apps were created to offer advanced features of the likes of social media platforms, geolocation services, and many more. All these make the life of the app developers much easier with easy efficiency and enable them to create apps seamlessly.

Easy Functioning

Cloud Technology helps the developers with easy functioning as the Cloud Computing Providers bear the maintenance of the environment. The opportunities offered to developers are exclusive.

Disaster Recovery

It does not provide the guarantee for the disaster-free nature of your critical business components. But, it enables saving the data to retrieve the data in the event of a crash. The data becomes vital when physical infrastructure fails.


For the on-premises applications, despite hardware installation and hiring the staff to take care of the infrastructure, you need to set aside adequate infrastructure, setting funding aside for regular upgrades. The process may take a long time to compete and requires a huge amount of investment. You need not bother about all these factors while adopting the technology because the service provider does it all.

Increase in Work Productivity

It is possible to achieve increased work productivity with Cloud technology. and reach a new level for your business. The team members can work collaboratively from anywhere with no need to wait for each other. It enables many people to work on a single file from multiple locations in real-time.



Transfer of data gets hampered with a hampered internet connection. The connection can be up at all times.

Data Privacy

The sensitive content can be lost during the flow of data on account of data breaches. It is critical to choose the right service provider who can offer the privacy of your confidential data.


Cloud Computing acts as a real game-changer for your business that saves your precious time in developing mobile apps with outstanding user experience. It offers geolocation and other services by creating innovative mobile apps. It offers a highly scalable application across multiple platforms at the most affordable prices.