Product Engineering

Drive Industry-Wide Disruption With Innovative Technologies

Our digital product development services provide enterprises with valuable insights into their needs, a clear understanding of which solutions will solve their business problems, and actionable steps towards a successful solution with technology.

For almost a decade, Cliffex has been the custom software development company of choice for hundreds of leading businesses across industries to build their business-critical software applications. 

End-to-end software delivery professionals

Cliffex offers full-stack, customized software development services that cover everything from back-end to front-end, strategy to QA to DevOps. Our goal is to support your product requirements and deliver solutions that meet your strategic business needs.

  • UX/UI Design

  • Mobile Applications

  • Web Applications

  • Backend Development

  • Agile Delivery

  • QA & Testing

  • Cloud & DevOps

  • Security

  • Data Visualisation

  • IoT Development

  • Software Architecture

Mobile App Development Services

If you require reliable, high-performance mobile applications capable of handling large volumes, you need a trustworthy mobile app development company like Cliffex who can deliver. Our custom mobile app development services are designed to meet your needs, whether it’s Android, iOS, Flutter, iPad, tvOS, or any other platform. We have you covered.

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Enterprise Web Development Services

Developing web applications that are both responsive and scalable to solve real-world problems can be a challenging task. However, with Cliffex’s enterprise web development services, this complexity can be easily addressed. Whether you require offshore development or need to enhance your existing team with our top-notch engineers, we have the capabilities to meet your needs seamlessly.

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Back-end Software Development Services

If your business relies on critical software, then you need a back-end system that is reliable, robust, and capable of handling heavy loads. Cliffex offers custom web software development services for developing strong back-end systems, integrating systems, creating data warehouses, and providing analytics solutions. We have the expertise and experience to build and maintain the heavy-duty back-end systems that your business needs to thrive.

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Agile Software Development Services

Choosing an Agile software development partner is crucial because it allows for daily collaboration, constant testing, and perpetual improvement, resulting in high-quality software solutions delivered faster. Developers at Cliffex use the Agile methodology to prioritize tasks and integrate changes in small sprints, which leads to a viable software solution more quickly than traditional models.

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Quality Assurance and Testing Services

At Cliffex, we are passionate about delivering high-quality products. Achieving 5-star quality app development requires diligent effort. That’s why we offer comprehensive quality assurance and software testing services that include unit tests, mobile, web, and API test automation, as well as security and performance testing. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that every detail is perfect before your application goes live.

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Cloud and DevOps Services

Implementing hybrid and multi-cloud strategies can be a complicated process. It involves carefully choosing the appropriate platform, designing a multi-cloud solution, and updating your IT operations to suit the cloud environment. At Cliffex, we provide customized software development services to help you with all aspects of this process. Our team includes experienced DevOps and Systems Engineers who can seamlessly integrate into your enterprise teams, providing on-call operational support, brainstorming operational architectures, and delivering DevOps assistance as needed. With our skills and experience, we can efficiently and affordably tackle your most significant challenges.

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UI/UX Software Development Services

At Cliffex, our UI/UX designers take a user-centered approach to design, using industry and competition research and close collaboration with stakeholders to build empathy, maintain design systems, and improve quality; they also integrate into the Agile sprint cycle to speed up the development process and ensure alignment between user goals, priorities, and technical architecture.

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IP, Code and Software Security Practices

We take security very seriously and prioritize it in our custom software development services, as evidenced by our ISO-27001 certification. Our approach to building every app involves a comprehensive security plan designed to stay ahead of potential threats. This includes utilizing vetted code, implementing scalable and maintainable user management, authentication, and authorization, and conducting infrastructure vulnerability scanning. We are committed to ensuring the security of your apps and data and will not stop until we have achieved that goal.

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Data Engineering and Visualization Services

Numerous organizations realize that they lack the necessary time, expertise, and resources to effectively manage both their structured and unstructured data, let alone extract valuable insights that can aid in making intelligent, forward-thinking decisions. By utilizing our custom software development services, our team of skilled data and visualization engineers can assist in unlocking the potential of all your data, enabling you to derive greater business value.

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IoT, Home & Industrial Automation Development Services

If you require IoT apps for household devices, monitor industrial data, or merge IoT technology with big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning to establish a truly interconnected enterprise capable of revolutionizing your business, Cliffex has IoT software development services necessary to meet your needs. Our team can assist you in developing intelligent IoT software solutions that enable you to construct innovative business models, generate increased revenue, and provide superior customer experiences.

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Software Delivery & Architecture Services

Our Software Architecture practice applies Agile, cloud computing, and DevOps approaches, with a focus on collaboration, emergent design, intentional design, and simplicity. Our consultants interpret your project’s requirements and constraints through a technology lens and work with your product stakeholders to make critical decisions on technologies, patterns, and coding practices for building, deploying, and maintaining your product over time.

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