Choosing An Experienced, Dedicated Development Team For Your Startup

When trying to build a team for your tech startup. You really have two options:

1. Hire an in-house team, or

2. Hire a dedicated development team

Both have their merits and demerits. The technical complexity of the idea and maturity of your product will help you decide what you want.

In-House Team – Stay Involved, Informed, And Aware Of Every Detail

Investing in an in-house team literally means your development team would be in your office, and they will report directly to you. You could interact with them face to face and keep track of every aspect of the progress at any point in time. You will be involved in all decisions and aware of all events. If there comes a technical problem in the project or a doubt regarding the development process, you could get it fixed and clarify all the doubts right away. Maneuvering an in-house team becomes really easy.

You are familiar with your team’s work habits, skills, and how to motivate them when they are low. You could make adjustments to your strategies and boost your development speed by tweaking a little bit. Having an in-house team gives you more control as compared to a dedicated development team.

In-House Team – Takes Lots Of Patience, Time, Equity, Money, And Luck

Hiring an in-house team costs you time, and it is tough finding the right fit. If you have hired talent before, you know how much time it takes to find the right person. Moreover, without seeing or experiencing their work and attitude towards work, it is pretty much shooting in the dark, finding a perfect fit. The internet is filled with startup stories of engineers who were just not the right fit and led to huge losses down the road.

As a startup, it becomes challenging to build a team with experienced engineers. Many talented software engineers prefer working for big firms that provide stability, better facilities, and compensation. As a startup, you will have to shell out hefty equity and some payment to attract good talent. As a founder, you could decide to do that for a few key members of your team, but many founders are not willing to do that for their entire development team.

An unfortunate fact, 2 out of 10 new hires end up being successful recruitment. A dedicated development team saves you from most of these issues.

Hiring a Dedicated Team to work on your startup is not something you should take lightly; a lot of thought needs to be given to this decision.

Dedicated Development Team – Quickest Way To Hire Experienced Talent

Many startups would give anything to hire an experienced development team. As many say, your startup is as good as the talent you have. Hiring a dedicated development team is the shortest path to startup success because it gives you ready access to experienced talent that has proven it’s worth working on other successful startups just like yours! A dedicated development team has experience of fighting the startup battle not once but many times in the past!

Hiring a dedicated development team is a good idea as it serves more benefits than cons which makes it worthwhile. Just make good decisions and keep in mind these tips that I have explained below, and you’ll surely get a good team for assisting in your project.

Now you might be wondering:

1. What exactly is a dedicated development team, or

2. What are the regions to hire a team of Dedicated Developers, or

3. What are the successful companies that leverage dedicated teams, and

many other queries if you are not following our previous blogs, I have already published a detailed blog answering all these questions, which you can refer to anytime by clicking here: Hire Dedicated Development Team in 2022: Know Why It’s Important For You

Now coming to the topic, here’s a guide for effectively hiring a dedicated team to prevent you from regretting later.

Dedicated Software Development – Frequently Asked Questions

In these rough times caused by the Pandemic, the businesses set to transform in the upcoming ten years are now forced to adapt to the new drift of working remotely and online. Teams with no prior experience working remotely suddenly faced the challenge of adequately organizing remote work, managing teams, and measuring performance. The dedicated team is already a pro in working remotely, so even if your in-house team is getting ready for remote work culture, it will not affect you considerably.

But some common concerns that come to one’s mind when considering a dedicated team are:

How Much Money And Time Will It Take?

It’s the most obvious and frequently asked question. As every project consumes an amount of money, you need to invest and pay your team. Your dedicated development team’s work and the quality you want decide the amount of time and money to invest. It can increase as well as decrease based on the changes made to your project. When you make a roadmap, decide upon your project scope, and convey it to your team efficiently, you can check your time and money.

What’s The Process Of Onboarding a Dedicated Software Development Team?

A dedicated team’s onboarding should be professional but also familiarizing.

According to HR Dive’s study, “new workers who have a bad onboarding experience are twice as likely to resign than those who have a good onboarding experience.”

Let them know every little detail considering them, and treat them as your in-house team.

How Can I Be Assured The Dedicated Team Is Live And Working?

Sometimes you need to keep your trust or at least act like it. Your dedicated team is not at your office, so it is hard to drop by to check for progress. The IT industry has set tools and processes to check for improvement and even keep accountability. Project management tools allow you to see the status of the tasks as they are being worked on. Bug tracking tools will enable you to monitor progress being made on the software bugs. Code versioning tools allow you to check and see the code that was worked on and by whom!

For team meetings, you can set up communication rules that are appropriate for everyone on the team. Decide convenient call times and working hours using the online collaboration tools mentioned here. Set regular online meetings to get a report on the development progress made on the project. However, the key to effective teamwork is trust, which you must demonstrate to your team.

Benefits Of Hiring Cliffex’s Dedicated Development Team

Connecting with Cliffex’s Dedicated Development Team for your project is the best decision you could make. The team would be all yours to command. You could connect with them at any stage of the project.

The Project Manager will be your primary point of contact to get all the whereabouts of your project. Our years of experience will benefit you at every point in time. We approach every app with the vision of making it agile to fit future requirements and developments.

Our developers are highly skilled and are capable of handling the development process on their own. Our designers are highly creative and are masters in their domain, having many years of experience developing some of the best apps in the market. Our testing standards are rigorous as we believe there shouldn’t be an error in the final release, and our QA team makes this commitment a reality by not turning a blind eye to even a minor bug.

Every member of your dedicated team will know their job, which makes the purpose of hiring a dedicated team a success.


We know that a champion is born out of a brilliant coach, and without his best guidance, a champion wouldn’t be a champion. Similarly, to win in the race to be the best in your industry and to have the best app for your business, you must partner with a dedicated team. This team will act as your coach who can guide you and take care of all the development processes and lead you out of all the know-how and technicalities of any project to give you a finished app you can call your own.