8 Steps To Gather The Best Dedicated Development Team

Companies are competing for their users’ attention and they would do anything to be able to secure a place on the home screen of the users’ phone. It gives such a boost to the brand, and the possibility is endless.

But app development is not something you can jump to without any prior experience. What you can do is hire and partner with a dedicated development team that will help you fill the gaps in your in-house team and take advantage of the team’s combined expertise in your project.

When hiring is sorted, there comes a dilemma of managing the team as well. This blog will give you nine steps to adequately hire and manage the best-dedicated development team and avoid any mistakes.

Now coming to the main course. ?

The Steps To Select An Efficient Team As Your Partner

1️⃣Pick The Best Three Dedicated Teams And Scan Out Their Portfolios

Narrow your search to just three providers. Visit their Case Studies and project pages; these are the perfect place to know about the experience of the people you’ll be working with, as it is incredibly crucial. It is not wise to end up with an inexperienced team to regret later. Developers and designers frequently use industry-specific websites to showcase their work.

2️⃣Reviews Are Important

Generally, reviews are the company’s true reputation because they come from the actual customers who have previously worked with your potential team, so pay attention to them and then decide. It would be extremely harmful to your project if your hired dedicated team vanishes someday. Clutch and GoodFirms have ratings and reviews of various companies, which would help you to decide better and find your target team.

3️⃣Quick Response Equals Sincerity

The provider should respond at a proper time if they are interested in working with you. It’s of no use if the provider doesn’t respond to you promptly. A quick response shows the resolve of the provider to work with you and the discipline to work and their clients. It’s always a good sign. Meanwhile, you should try to keep the communication healthy and easy and provide time to your provider to make decisions.

4️⃣Companies’ History And Principles

Pay attention to the legacy of the company on the market, the principles behind employee recruitment, the employees’ English language skills, and the cost of dedicated team services. Tally them with your principles and working style and after accumulating all the information about several providers, compare and decide.

5️⃣Specify Work Expectations Clearly

Don’t hide any details. Share them with your potential partner so that they can check their resources to get your job done. It will harm you if they don’t have enough talent and resources when they have already started working on your project. Be clear and specific.

6️⃣Make Communication Easy

Talk to your provider and the talented professional you want in your dedicated team. Make the communication easy between you and the provider. Decide a proper channel for all your communications related to your project, and never forget to check it regularly. If by any chance, you fail to communicate efficiently and effectively, then your team could get misguided, and your development process could suffer.

7️⃣Interview Selected Candidates

Once you have selected the dedicated software development team members you’re interested in, you need to interview them and ensure they are the perfect fit. Chat with each candidate in person or set up a team interview. Try to get to know their past work. If the work is publicly available, experience it! Hire experienced individuals to boost your team performance and shorten the time in development.

8️⃣Start Working

Once you have hired the dedicated team, complete their onboarding process and introductions, let them have a meeting with your in-house team, then assign and delegate responsibilities to avoid any confusion and get to work.

Benefits Of Hiring Cliffex’s Dedicated Development Team

There’s a lot that goes into designing and building an app. It’s not an easy task, and it could feel overwhelming. It’s better to take care of what you know the best and leave the rest to the professionals. Because making a mistake at any step would come at a price and a waste of time. It’s better to hire a professional team to handle the development work of your dream mobile app.

Now, if you partner with Cliffex’s dedicated team of expert developers and designers, you would have to connect to your dedicated team’s Project Manager to have complete visibility of the progress of the team and your app. Everything else will be handled by the expert developers and monitored by the QA team and the Project Manager.

We believe in being connected and updated. We would execute the exact same approach with you as our partner. You will be able to connect to your dedicated team at your scheduled time and on your preferred medium of contact. Moreover, you could even get in touch with any member of your team as the team is all yours to command.

The Project Manager will take good care of the development architecture and the design of the app. The Designer will bring forward the best design, keeping in mind the easy usability and user experience while implying the beautiful and simple aesthetic according to the theme of the app. The Senior Engineer will handle all the aspects of the app, including security, scalability, and reliability.

Moreover, if you are worried about sharing your app idea with us, please be assured, we will guide you through the process of making your concept secure. The signing of the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) will give you the much-needed confidence that your idea will be confined just between us and prevent any leaks. We protect your IP as we are certified by international standards on IP protection systems like ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Your Idea Is Safe With Us.

Our primary focus is to make an app that has never been made before. But that doesn’t make us go and do something out of the market. We keep an eye on the competition and what the users want and what they don’t even know they want. We analyze and formulate ideas around this approach. Hence we create something that proves to be an MVP.

You will gain our vast experience and knowledge when you partner with us, and you will have an app that will be in legal compliance with the local and foreign laws. We will double as your strategic counselor to create an app that sets records and makes you the market leader in your service field.

Well, What else you could ask for!!?


Ensure to follow all the steps as they are crucial for properly implementing the development process and attaining the results you desire from your app. Consider hiring our dedicated professional team for your project, and we will help you take your business to the next level and beyond.