Top Ten Highest Paying Fantasy Cricket Apps

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Before starting on this topic, the readers must understand the basic concept of fantasy sports apps and why they have so much popular. The criteria for choosing the best fantasy cricket apps is whether the users can earn money through these apps.

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Why Choose Cliffex for the Fantasy Cricket App Development?

India is a country of cricket enthusiasts, and the game of cricket almost worshipped here. But, one must not forget that the fan base has a fair amount of knowledge on cricket. It is one of the reasons for which we have seen the rising popularity of fantasy cricket apps.

Moreover, the advent of mobile 4G networks of the likes of Reliance Jio meant to reach out to the masses is another reason for the popularity of Fantasy cricket apps. Finally, the affordability of smartphones also adds up to rising demand.

If you have an excellent app idea, then you can connect with Cliffex, a Fantasy sports app development company in India, and the USA to assist you with an Android app or an iOS app.

First. Let us start with what is a Fantasy Cricket Sports App.

What is a Fantasy Cricket Sports App?

Fantasy Sports is a type of game played with the help of the internet. It is possible to play such a game, sitting at the comforts of your home. However, the apps enable you to earn cash prizes as rewards, and it is possible to put that into your bank account.

We will now deal with some of the highest paying Fantasy Cricket Apps:

Top Ten Highest Paying Fantasy Cricket Apps

Here is a list of the top ten highest paying fantasy cricket apps:

Dream 11

It is the most trusted name among the top ten apps. It allows the user to play cricket and earn cash at the same time. It has a user base of 2 crores. The user needs to follow some rules while playing the game of cricket on Dream 11. The rules are:

  • Select Match
  • Create a Team
  • Cash Contests
  • Follow the Match

The players participate in ICC games or cricket leagues such as IPL. It is possible to win up to a lakh in cash prizes.

MPL Fantasy Cricket App

It happens to be the largest online gaming app platform in India. It allows you to play simple and easy games on your Android phone. It comes loaded with 30 games. When compared with Dream 11, it comes with a lesser number of teams and clubs which improves the chance of winning single matches.

You can earn a massive amount of Rs 7500 Paytm cash through the referral offer of the app. It offers Rs 75 per referral given by you. Currently, there are two crore MPL players and 6 lakh daily winners for the app. The payout is pretty fast and easily implemented. It is possible to transfer the winning amount to the bank account or Paytm account.

Hala Play

It has a daily fantasy sports platform. The users enter into leagues, create teams, and win cash prizes, at the end of a game. There is no need to win it at the end of a season. It offers a joining bonus for paid cricket leagues.

Here are some advantages offered by the app:

  • It regularly provides bonus codes on deposits. So, possible to earn a 10 to 20 % bonus.
  • It offers lesser competition and higher chances of winning for the novice players.
  • It allows editing the teams.


Ballebazi is one of the fastest-growing apps in the Fantasy Cricket App segment.  An impeccable user interface provides an outstanding gaming experience for the players. Moreover, it comes with three types of gaming modes – batting, bowling, and classic. The users get a  sign-up bonus and a referral bonus for new players.

It allows the user to register your account, easily and quickly from the website itself. Only the registered users play the contests. It accepts payments through major credit cards such as Mastercard, American Express and Visa.

It is possible to make payments through net banking and wallets. It offers know-how through “How to Play” and “Points System” sections. There is a FAQ section for answering general queries.


It features IPL as well as World Cup 2019 Fantasy Cricket Tournament. On playing more match, it enables you to earn experience points and used for upgrading the team.

You can earn points by inviting friends to play. So, play games, score points, and claim real money and put them daily into the bank account.


Create a team of 11 players and earn money. They offer a maximum bonus up to Rs 500 to the new members and used in the featured leagues. It comes with an interface that gives a simple and fun way to experience fantasy sports.

Some of the essential features are extra free matches, teams, and clubs. The team owner can get cash prizes due to the performance of the selected 11 cricketers. You can learn faster with the app if you are new to the game as it is simple to play.


It is a legal fantasy gaming app and earns cash. It offers a joining bonus of Rs 25 and a referral scheme of earning Rs 100 for every friend joining the platform. The credits get used in paid leagues.


You get 1000 gems on joining this fast-growing platform with free registration. The app has two versions –  free and paid. Impressive interface, and Paytm money transfer act as some of the essential features. It has a sign-up amount of Rs 100.

Create a squad-based on sports knowledge and get daily wins with weekly tasks for the app. If you link your Paytm, then withdraw using the secure withdrawal scheme. Earn real cash and some goodies daily. Refer for unlimited time and earn for a lifetime.

Paytm First Game

It lets the users win real cash. Select 11 players from two teams and assign a Captain and a Vice-Captain role for the team. There is a sign-up amount of Rs 10. The maximum number of players per team is 6. Refer more and win up to Rs 1000. Money is added automatically to the Paytm account.

Fantasy Power 11

It is an app comparatively new to the market and increases the chances of winning challenges or matches. It has a sign-up offer of Rs 100 and a welcome bonus for new users. Users can participate in daily contests. The users can access the app with no need for KYC details. Verify with phone number and email and instant money withdrawal to your Paytm account.


The game of cricket is worshiped by fans across the length and breadth of India. So, fantasy cricket sports app has shown increasing popularity. Moreover, a rise in the number of smartphone users has led to the growth of fantasy sports on your mobile devices. You can win lucrative cash prized by playing with these cricket apps.