Planning to Build a Fantasy Sports App? Here’s What You Need to Know

Planning to Build a Fantasy Sports App Here’s What You Need to Know

The Fantasy Sports Industry has gained immense popularity in the last two decades. The American Sporting Culture has seen a revolutionary change with the hypergrowth of sports startups.

The Fantasy Sports app first and foremost reminds us by National Football League (NFL) in the USA, which has earned an enormous revenue of USD 11 $ revenue in 2013.

As per a study by Marketwatch, America is the largest producer of Fantasy Sports with a market share in revenue form this category amounting to 58% in 2017, and Europe holds the second-largest market share with a 14 % share in 2017.

The global market size for Fantasy Sports apps is about to reach a USD 26400 million in 2024.

Understanding how lucrative is the Fantasy Gaming industry, we must first understand,What is a Fantasy Sports App?”

What is a Fantasy Sports App?

Fantasy Sports is a virtual game that gives you the experience of managing real sports players. There are virtual teams of specific professional sports in which the players indulge. The performance gets converted into points, and the players can earn cash prizes while playing their favorite games.

The relentless growth of mobile app development enables users to play on their smartphones and tablets for an unforgettable experience with their favorite sports. Let us now find the reason for planning an app.

Why Plan for a Fantasy Sports App?

The app is not only beneficial for the revenue model offered by it, but it also helps to promote the brand/services of your organization. It helps to increase user engagement, which is a critical factor for the growth of any business. We now delve into  How to Plan for a Fantasy Sports App?”.

How to Plan for a Fantasy Sports App?

Here are ways to plan an app:

  • Top Fantasy Sports apps
  • Features of a Fantasy Sports app
  • Cost of Developing a Fantasy Sports app

Top Fantasy Sports Apps

Fantasy Sports apps have become overnight success all over the globe. The sports enthusiasts really enjoy such apps, and there are leagues that offer their data to build such apps. Many leagues have their own fantasy sports apps as well. MLB At Bat, NFL Fantasy football and NBA InPlay are prime examples. In India, IPL and ISL have built their fantasy leagues and are seeing huge success.

The startup Fantasy Sports App Development companies in the USA are FanDuel and DraftKing. In India, Dream 11 is a popular name.


Fanduel offers the best way to watch the games, more than the corresponding sports. The user selects a game of NFL, NBA. Soccer or Golf and want a contest to start. For the novice players, the app allows you to participate in competitions – to let you play for real cash. No experienced players are allowed here.

Some of the new features incorporated in FanDuel such as player news and injury reports on players in the line-up. It is possible to turn on the notifications settings from inside the FanDuel app. There is a Guru that offers intelligent recommendations and strategic tips for building teams.


The players are allowed to enter into daily or weekly contests. The players can play in major American Sports (NFL, NBA etc), Premier League and Canadian Football League and Tennis, etc. The players can win money based on individual players or player performances.

Various contests run on different skill sets. The players boost their entry fees by only earning high scores. Step contests are run to advance the players to the next level. Moreover, head-to-head contests allow the players to play against each other.

While planning a Fantasy Sports App Development Services, the app developers need to know the must-have features of an app.

Kroo Sports

Kroo Sports is a completely FREE sports gaming, fan engagement, and rewards app that allows users to redeem FREE NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL tickets by predicting the outcomes of LIVE MLB player at-bats and LIVE NFL team drives. Kroo also features no-risk betting contests, multi-sport daily pick’ems, daily fantasy contests, and traditional trivia.

Must-have Features of a Fantasy Sports App

Here are some of the must-have features of an app:

Home Screen

  • Here, the user gets the team details. The user arrives on this screen after logging into the app. The users may choose based on filters.

Contest Screen

  • It displays the various contests for each match. There are details on contest types, entry fee, and winning amounts, etc.


  • It is an area where profile details get viewed. It helps with information on account details, reward points, and rankings, etc. It comes with an admin panel with user management and game management.

Push Notifications

  • Push notification messages inform users on contests for any upcoming match. Push notifications can inform on any free contest and keep you updated always.

Cost of Developing a Fantasy Sports App

The cost depends on the number of hours spent and the features incorporated in the app. Costs could vary widely on the features and fantasy games you are looking for. Cliffex has immense experience building fantasy sports apps that work at scale. Contact us today to get a custom quotation based on your needs.


The fantasy app that you are planning must display outstanding design and architecture that enables it to stand out from the competitors. It comes equipped with the most advanced reporting and analytics tools for gamer behavior so that you can gain insights from the custom reports. Beyond all, it should provide a fast and real-time gaming experience to sports fans. Connect with us to see how we can help you build your custom fantasy app.