Why Cliffex Chooses Flutter for Hybrid App Development?

Why Cliffex Chooses Flutter for Hybrid App Development

One key element that stood apart in Google I/O 2019 was Flutter. Flutter is the new portable UI toolkit from Google that enables developers to build beautiful, native applications for web, mobile, and desktop – all from a single codebase.

Google attaches a lot of importance to this framework for hybrid app development and tries to push this technology, to be adopted by the developers.

Here are some of the news about Flutter from Google I/O:

  • It is no longer a mobile development tool for Android/iOS. Google introduced Flutter for Web in the Google I/O 2019. It is a code compatible implementation of Flutter that uses web technologies such as CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. It is possible to use the framework for the desktop too.
  • It runs on a smart display operating system that powers Google Home Hub.
  • The Materials Component Library has grown since Flutter was launched. The information shared was how to use the iOS Design language library Cupertino and the newest features. It states how to use it across interaction models, varying screen sizes, and viewing distances.
  • Dart 2.3 was released providing support for UI-as-code features inclusive of spread operator, collection if and collection for.

Before, we start with the advantages of using Flutter let us first understand “What is Flutter?”.


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What is Flutter?

It is a free, open-source, cross-platform tool for hybrid app development with the following key features:

  • It enables the developer to craft high-performance, high-fidelity for iOS, Android, and web. It does not need one codebase for all platforms.
  • It uses its easy to learn, object-oriented programming language Dart (almost a mix of Kotlin, Swift, and JavaScript).
  • Unlike other frameworks that separate view controllers, views, properties, and layouts Flutter come with a widget, a consistent, unified object model.

Next, we come to the benefits of Flutter for hybrid app development.

What are the Key Benefits of Flutter for Cross-platform App Development?

Here are some of the key benefits of cross-platform app development:

Faster Development

Flutter is useful for faster and dynamic mobile app development. One of the significant features of the framework is that of the Hot Reload feature. It is similar to what is offered by React Native. It injects the updated source code in the running Dart Virtual Machine(DVM).

It allows the developer to instantly view any changes made in the code that appears on emulators, simulators, and hardware. It reloads the changed code within a matter of a few seconds, with no need to restart. The advantages of this feature are quickly and easily bug-fixing, adding features, or building UIs.

Easy to Write Code

Flutter offers an easy way of writing code. The coding does not require any prior knowledge in programming. The Dart programming language needs the developers to acquire skill sets in object-oriented programming but even non-programmers have developed using Flutter.


Both Flutter and Dart are free, open-source and provides extensive support for the developer community for resolving any issues encountered by your organization.

Offer Highly Reactive Framework

The developer can easily change the variable in the state with a change in the interface. So, all changes will be reflected in the UI.

Reduce Testing Time

The developers write automatic tests just once because it requires a single codebase. It means less work for quality professionals as they check only a single app.

Appealing User Interface

Higher engagement of mobile apps is a necessity. The interfaces play a significant role in building mobile app development. Flutter has Cupertino and Material Design for iOS and Android apps. The framework makes the work of the developer easier by creating its widgets or customizing the existing widgets. It allows us to browse a catalog of widgets and view them.

Moreover, the widgets are part of the app and not of the platform. Since there are no or fewer compatibility issues on various OS, the testing time reduces considerably.

Provide MVP

Flutter is a perfect tool for creating an MVP (Minimum Value Product) for your organization. It is applicable when the developers have less time in hand.

Compliance with Design Standards

It has complete control over each and every pixel on the device screen. It uses widgets in a way that the design of the app for a specific OS must comply with the design standards. You can maintain the appropriateness of the design across all devices. The compliance must be with the respective OS design standards.


If we consider the above benefits of Flutter, it offers an excellent way for developers to craft hybrid apps. However, it is a young technology and it is too early to predict whether it will act beneficial for the developers shortly.

However, there are other reasons for adopting Flutter and one of the reasons is Google creating modular OS Fuchsia with the help of Flutter. Another reason is the availability of programming talents. Finally, there is no dearth of worldwide reputed companies using Flutter say Google Ads, Alibaba, Reflectly and many more.

Cliffex is one of the best flutter app development company that can help your business/organization to develop highly responsive, cost-effective, functionally-rich hybrid apps with Cupertino and Material Design for both iOS and Android apps.