8 Most Important Things That You Need to Consider Before Developing Your Football Fantasy App

8 Most Important Things That You Need to Consider Before Developing Your Football Fantasy App

The fantasy sports industry is among the fastest-growing industries in the world. According to estimates, there are almost 100 million fantasy sports players around the world as of 2020. Further, as of 2019, the overall size of the market has been pegged at $7 billion. This indicates the sheer size of the market and highlights its true potential for app developers. Fantasy sports web apps offer a great experience to the users, while also making sure that they can earn in the form of sign-up bonuses and cash prizes. One of the most popular types of such apps is football fantasy. Football is immensely popular around the world, gaining the attention of investors, the media, as well as the fans.

There are various football fantasy apps that have gained popularity in the market due to their advanced features. Many such apps allow users to create individual teams, compete against their friends, and also manually transfer players from one team to another. These apps can also link into official stats provided by the football authorities, as well as links to betting pages. Football fantasy apps have even gone one step beyond, as some of them are now offering access to highlights and live streaming of football events. All these features have resulted in a spike in the popularity of fantasy football apps. As the popularity of fantasy football apps continues to grow, entrepreneurs are being attracted to this industry.

This blog focuses on the eight most important things that you need to consider before developing your football fantasy app.

1 – Keep Track of the Costs

How much does fantasy football cost? If you do not have a clear answer, then read on. Most businesses tend to focus on generating adequate returns on their investment. A fantasy football mobile app is no different. If an entrepreneur is looking to tap into this market, they must understand the different types of costs involved in the development of such apps. These can include fixed costs as well as variable costs. There are multiple vendors that offer fantasy football mobile app development support. Entrepreneurs need to choose the vendor that could deliver true value for money. The investment needed in developing such apps can be quite significant, and therefore it is vital to keep track of the costs. The fantasy football cost needs to be compared with the fantasy football revenue as well. This will provide you with an idea of the possible breakeven point.

2 – Time Taken to Develop the App

Another aspect that needs to be considered by entrepreneurs in the fantasy football space is the time taken by a vendor to develop such an app. If such entrepreneurs want to make a quick move and capture the market, they must opt for vendors that can deliver high-quality apps within quick time periods. Similarly, another thing that must be considered is that you need to choose a fantasy football app developer that understands your timelines and adheres to them. Your new app should be developed within a few weeks, rather than spending several months. The quicker your vendor is able to do the work for you, the better will be your business prospects.

3 – The Potential to Create and Re-Create.

Fantasy game solutions are not an easy bull to tame. This is because such apps need to evolve from time to time. Merely creating an app may not suffice for your business because constant innovation needs to take place. In addition to the apps, entrepreneurs must also invest in fantasy sports website development. These websites could provide them with a platform to engage with users in a better manner. You need to choose a sports app development company that can create and re-create an app or website based on your business needs. Sometimes, apps need to be re-created in a second-generation version, so that the customers can enjoy new features. This potential to create and re-create can make a key difference.

4. Research About Your Target Market

Fantasy sports software development is not a straightforward task. It must be based on first-hand research related to the target market. For instance, if you are looking to target the teenagers in particular, then your fantasy football app needs to have features that could attract them. Such features may include the use of hashtags, regular quizzes, and weekly contests. Conducting in-depth research about the target market also helps entrepreneurs in building a better grip on the market. It also makes sure that the app is more likely to succeed in the market. You need to assess whether you need fantasy sports AR solutions, or whether a basic app will serve the purpose. These questions can only be answered on the basis of research.

5. Set Your Goals Straight

Before you make the decision to invest in a football fantasy app, you need to set clear goals for your business. It would be an even better scenario if your goals smart and gully measurable. Entrepreneurs that have clear goals in mind have a higher probability of succeeding in the market. If your goal is to grow your business quickly without having to invest in permanent resources, you could look to outsource your work and hire sports app development experts. These experts will help you in drawing an elaborate timeline that could help you in keeping yourself motivated.  On the other hand, if your business’ goal is to focus on profitability from day one, then you may look to restraint your growth. In such cases, you could work with an app development partner to create refined versions of your app until you are satisfied. Setting your goals straight can prove to be a major difference in the highly competitive world of sports fantasy apps.

6. Focus on the User Experience

User experience is one of the fundamental aspects of any football fantasy app. Before you decide to develop your own app, you need to choose the type of user experience that you are aiming to provide. For instance, you must be clear whether your app is targeting casual users or hardcore football fans. In case you want to refine the user experience for your customers, then you could avail the help of external app developers that could simplify your app development process. In addition to this, external vendors can often bring a whole new viewpoint, enabling you to realign your targets related to the app. If you are able to provide the best user experience in the market, customers are bound to prefer your app over the others, thereby giving you a competitive advantage over the field.

7. Choose the Right Features

Entrepreneurs looking to enter the fantasy football market also need to decide on the type of features that they want to see in their apps. Are you only looking to offer simplified sports betting software? Or are you keen to delve deeper and offer specific features like a custom fantasy scoring system or live chat support? Choosing the right features for your app could go a long way in determining whether your business is likely to succeed in the future. Alternatively, you also need to hire sports app development experts who can help you in deciding these features. They could ensure that your app is fitting into the industry standards and is leveraging the key strengths of your business. Another thing to be considered is whether you are looking at long-term fantasy football tournaments or you are more focused on daily fantasy sports app development.

8. Select the Right Platform

Choosing the right platform to launch your app is also very important. Entrepreneurs looking to enter the industry must have complete clarity whether their app will be launched on leading platforms such as Android and iOS. Too many small businesses make the mistake of targeting multiple platforms at the same time, resulting in losses or inadequate growth numbers. If you feel that your sports betting app development activities should only focus on one platform like Android, then such a strategy could backfire for you in the future. You will also need to compare the cost and features to develop a fantasy sports app across platforms. The cost of publishing may help you in choosing the right platform.


To sum up, football fantasy apps can prove to be a great way to build a new business. These apps are rapidly gaining popularity, and their rise has coincided with the smartphone revolution. In order to make the most of this business opportunity, you must make the decision to choose a mobile app development partner that can cater to all your needs. You need to identify the best fantasy sports app development company and work with them to formulate a new app. Even if you are not interested in football fantasy, you always have the option to move into fantasy cricket betting app development. This is another area that could be exploited in order to grow your business.