Building Data-driven, Live Fantasy Sports Platform For MMA Fan Clubs

Providing MMA fans with a modern and digital sports club-like betting experience that enables them to easily make data driven choices. The platform features global and club based leaderboards with trophies and badges for each season. Fans enjoy and get motivated with the GOAT status showcasing their prediction and sports analysis skills. Responsive and multi-device capabilities of the web platform truly elevates MMA fan experience. 


MMA Sports Club




Fantasy Sports, Gambling


Cloud-native, responsive web based platform

UI/UX Consulting, Product Strategy, Web Application Development, Cloud Engineering


React.js, Node.js, 3rd Party Data APIs, PostgreSQL, AWS

An MMA fan club looking to enable digital, data driven betting experience for UFC fans.

Based out of LA, California, the client is associated with MMA and seasoned in sports betting. Due to its popularity, clients’ MMA betting club was adding new members every week. Every weekend, the entire club would place their predictions and bets for UFC fight nights. While the entire experience is fun and extremely enjoyable, calculating data and winners around pick win percentages, ROI, and Margins was extremely painful and not scalable at all. Digital transformation and execution capabilities of Cliffex helped the club build a scalable, data-driven digital platform with unique gamification features.

Complete digital transformation with responsive UI and real-time sports data feed

In our initiative to build a data driven responsive web platform, we faced many challenges. Primary challenge was the availability and processing of UFC real-time and historical data that would allow us to provide most of the functionality within the web platform. After PoC and benchmark testing with a few data sources, we selected a robust source that provided accurate real-time data.

The platform being a data heavy platform, relied a lot on horizontal layout tables. While this was an easy choice for the web experience, it brought other challenges when mobile responsive layout was built. With the use of cleaver information architecture and micro interactivity strategies, we were able to resolve such usability issues.

Multi-device, live data driven sports betting club experience for MMA fans

Responsive Web Platform: Complete web platform was built in a responsive way for desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile screens so that MMA fans could enjoy sports betting on the move, from their offices, or sports bars!

Real-Time and Historical Sports Data: Being a data driven platform. We showcase player stats, fight stats, UFC fight night macro stats in a real-time and intuitive way. After every event, all players records will undergo automatic recalculation.

Club Chat: The platform allows any MMA clubs to invite their members and play within the club. To increase collaboration and fun, club-level message board feature allowed club members to interact with each other.. fun bantering included!

Global and Club Level Leaderboard: Platform also features a global and club level leaderboard based on ROI, pick win%, and winning streak. Players were given trophies and weight class based on their experience in the platform.

Club Owners and Features: Members can create their own MMA betting clubs and invite their friends, colleagues or relatives to play season wide tournaments. Platform had many features that allowed club members to engage and grow!

Notifications: As a betting platform for MMA clubs, player rankings would constantly move based on the performance of their peers. Our platform used real-time email notifications to help players stay updated on their stats. 

Processing real-time sports data feed and calculation of various betting statistics

One of the biggest challenges for us was to build out the infrastructure that would allow us to process real-time sports data feed while generating sports stats for player performance. 3rd party data feed provided well documented API that we could leverage to setup our data streaming architecture. 

With. a very capable React.js frontend and robust yet agile Node.js backend. Our full-stack JAM application has all the tools to deliver a fast and thrill filled-experience to MMA fans.

Thoughtful features that enable MMA fans and clubs to enjoy great betting experience

While conceptualizing the web platform, we wanted to provide all MMA fans and clubs to get the best data-driven betting experience. 

  • Easy to use secure, multi authentication experience.
  • Ability to create your own MMA betting club and invite club members.
  • Easily enter fighter match prediction and parlay bets.
  • Easily see all stats including player stats, event stats, your club stats.
  • Compare and evaluate historical data like last 5 events, last 5 winning details etc.
  • Excellent data viewing experience on laptops as well as mobile devices.
  • Evaluate extensive data like bet win%, points, parlay win%, margins etc.
  • Good integration with 3rd party MMA data platforms allows for quick look at detailed fighter and fight stats.
  • Easily search for other players and see their picks for analysis.
  • See season and year wise data with quick data filtering options.
  • Immediate calculation and notifications of event results. 
  • Generation of club level as well as global leaderboards across multiple categories.
  • News section that details hand picked UFC news for MMA fans.