Enabling AI Driven Digital Enablement for Healthcare Providers

Enabling healthcare providers with complete digital enablement platform to enhance business opportunities with no-code and AI driven automated patient care. With this innovative platform, healthcare providers can not only build and promote their online presence, it also provides them with AI chatbot to serve patients queries, automate scheduling and gather feedback.


Large Healthcare Provider






AI Driven SaaS Web Platform with No-Code Capabilities

UI/UX Consulting, Product Strategy, Web Application Development, Cloud Engineering


React.js, Node.js, NoSQL, AWS

Client - Visionary on a mission to transform the way healthcare professionals manage and promote their practice

Headquartered in Florida, the client is a well-known name in healthcare industry with multiple clinics spread across Nebraska, US. Primarily focused on providing dentistry and cosmetic patient care, the client has vast experience in the field of digital product development and shares business insights within the healthcare industry as an advisor, mentor, and growth leader.

Challenge - User friendly web application for a legacy industry

Healthcare providers largely lack modern and technical skills to create their online presence and maintain it in the long run. This stops them from gaining true value from their efforts. For many providers, it means hiring a staff of non-medical professionals to run and manage their business and promotion activities. This leads to lesser margins, higher costs, and overall inefficiencies.

In our initial research, we also found that healthcare providers, vendors, technicians, and the professionals working in the industry are not always conducive to change. Therefore, our solution had to be very easy for anyone to understand, implement and launch. This would reduce any chances of drop-off. 

Solution - A modern, easy to use solution

SaaS Platform: We built SaaS based responsive web platform that allows healthcare providers to build and launch their own web presence without any technical help or knowledge. Providers can subscribe and add seats as per their needs.

No-code: With a few simple clicks, any healthcare provider can create and completely customize their own search engine friendly website within minutes. You can change colors, clinic logo, add navigation, and images!

AI Driven Patient Care: Platform also enables AI driven technology that allows any healthcare provider to offer automated patient care 24×7. The AI Chatbot not only answers patient queries but also schedules appointments for doctors.

Patient Reviews: Our easy to use platform allows clinics to bring all patient reviews from various online platforms like Google Reviews, Trust Advisor, Yelp etc. and host them on their own website. This builds their brand and inspires patient trust.

Clinic Management: For clinics that have large staff and multiple doctors. The platform provided easy to use management features like ability to add and provide each staff and doctor with their own login, ability to add and configure services, etc.

Search Engine Optimized: Each clinic website built on platform is 100% compatible with all browsers and fully responsive. Moreover, every websites enables full SEO capabilities to enable clinic discovery via search engine.

Modern technology - AI chatbot and no-code customizations

One of the core features of the product is its AI chatbot that allows a patient to raise queries to a clinic and get immediate answers.

We had implemented Amazon’s LEX for chatbots in other products. The nature of training and communication required for the chatbot was much more empathetic. Therefore we needed large language models that could understand and respond to patients as humans would. 

We used OpenAI and ChatGPT to train the chatbot and provided a much easier way to the healthcare providers to train their AI chatbots. The end result was nothing short of amazing. The AI chatbot introduced operational efficiencies and helped front desk staff reduce their workload by multiples.

With the inbuilt no-code, way of editing the web presence, healthcare providers can create a multi-page website complete with search engine optimization to get organic traffic from Google. Not only that, it provided their patients with an easy to use way to browser more information about their clinics.

Product features - Research meets business mandated features

From the onset, the client had a lot of features in mind. We had to craft a realistic incarnation of the vision while keeping a look at the technical feasibility and business maturity. The end result was a carefully selected set of features that satisfied our visionary client and met our criteria of an MVP launch.

  • Easy yet secure OTP (one time password) based signup and authentication.
  • Secure business portal for account owners to easily manage their account.
  • Separate portal for management of Clinics so that clinic management can be delegated if required.
  • Integration with Google for Google locals reviews to be directly fetched into the clinic website.
  • Ability to add other providers into the system.
  • Ability to add custom services offered by the clinics and assign providers to each service.
  • Ability to schedule and manage schedule for each provider. Providers can also manage their own schedule via portal dedicated to them.
  • Ability to train the AI bot with easy to use interface.
  • Ability for a front desk executive to view AI chatbot messages and take over a conversation if required. 
  • Patients can also chat with a real person if the AI chatbot is unable to respond to their clinic related queries.

Technical implementation - Secure, robust, scalable architecture

Being a cloud native web application using micro-services architecture, the application has tremendous ability to scale and provide stable performance even in times of high load. 

We picked Amazon AWS for cloud infrastructure. Being an AWS partner, Cliffex understands the depths and applicability of a cloud solution before suggesting it. As a managed services platform AWS provided many pre-built components that are useful in our architecture. The infrastructure is also HIPAA compliant. 

Node.JS and React.js were the frontend and the backend development stack of choice. Building and delivering a common javascript related full-stack application has its advantages. Due to the nature of data, we selected PostgreSQL as our database of choice. 

Value Delivered - Industry validation and praise

Within a few months of the launch, the web platform was able to gain multiple sightings and appraisals at conferences and trade shows.

With the first round of pilot healthcare providers, the product was able to demonstrate 3x operational cost savings, improvement in digital presence, and much better patient experience.

Industry validation and praise

  • Saves invaluable time of healthcare providers.
  • Helps front desk with repetitive customer support tasks with AI.
  • Enables self-service website and web page creation with no-code.
  • SaaS model enables easy scaling of business.
  • Robust cloud based application.
  • Can scale to many Clinics and provides help to innumerable patients with its current technical architecture.
  • Integration plugins enable chat-bot support to WordPress websites.
  • Custom domain support for full branded experience.