Everest Selects Cliffex To Make Luxury Sneakers Sales More Engaging.

Everest app by Sneakrverse will revolutionize luxury retail. Cliffex will bring its domain expertise to help Sneakrverse with strategy, design, and execution of the e-commerce app.

The art of reselling rare luxury footwear has quickly become a global phenomenon, with estimates putting the footwear resale industry at around $2 billion – and rising. Mr. Lashon James, CEO, and Founder of Sneakrverse (Everest) is all set to revolutionize luxury retail for Sneakers and other collectibles with his foray into e-commerce with the Everest App. Sneakrverse in Bridlesmith Gate is the first physical store in a whirlwind retail venture started by Lashon James.

Everest App takes luxury retail and puts it on the app stores with fast-moving footwear and other rare collectibles available to anyone.

Everest choose Cliffex because of the consulting, product thinking and execution abilities of the firm.” — said Mr. Amit Singh, Head of Sales – Cliffex

About Everest
Everest believes that wearable is an art; we can empower people. We achieve this by offering sneakers for almost every personality! We believe that each person has their own specific identity and expression, and we believe that people should be free to express themselves in whatever way they feel most comfortable. Unique and premium sneakers are rare to find. So Everest is the one-stop solution for your desire.

About Cliffex
Cliffex develops cutting-edge digital products that help clients all over the world achieve their objectives. We worked on hundreds of mobile games, software, mobile apps, and websites for every company level using advanced technology. As a result of this achievement, we hope to continue developing revolutionary innovations.

Cliffex collaborates with high-growth startups and innovative businesses to develop applications from concept to launch, including business expert analysis, development, UI/UX design, and marketing.