Building World’s first Cryptocurrency and Stock Fantasy Gaming Platform

Building World’s first Cryptocurrency and Stock Fantasy Gaming Platform

India is becoming a hotspot for fantasy gaming investment. Furthermore, our country’s young professionals are serious about investing in the stock market, particularly in cryptocurrency trading. Thanks to the recent buzz around Crypto.

We saw an interesting challenge in the form of the Rainmaker app. The vision was to create a fantasy gaming app for the Stock market and Cryptocurrency domain.

Chasing our Vision

The total cryptocurrency market capitalization rose by nearly 3% to $2.28T at press time. It is an emerging market with billions of dollars getting invested every day.

The client envisioned teaching Indian millennials about investing and putting all stock/equity/crypto market fans from all over the world on a single platform to compete against one another. Simultaneously, by playing an online fantasy trading game, utilizing methods, refining investment approaches, and sharpening your money management skills, you may learn how to make money in the stock and crypto markets.

Although we have built several Fantasy gaming apps. We found it challenging yet exciting to work on the world’s first cryptocurrency and stock fantasy gaming platform. It was a perfect opportunity to apply our know-how to a new domain of fantasy apps.

Registering an Impact

Rainmaker is the world’s first fantasy legal stock exchange and cryptocurrency gaming app and one of the first fantasy trading platforms in India that works on a simple online fantasy gaming principle concerning the user rewards taking references based on data from live events, analysis, and fluctuations taking place in the real-time Indian stock and global cryptocurrency markets using real-time data of exchanges.

It is connected to an actual global cryptocurrency exchange that allows it to use data and references from live events taking place worldwide. Players can safely make life-like trades in a fantasy gaming environment. They can pick from several types of paid and free contest formats available on the platform. There’s even an option to exit when users want to stop loss/ profit booking, even in the middle of the contest.

Exclusively Crafted for Investors

All across the world, investors from all walks of life are actively investing in stocks, so Rainmaker is designed to cater to this massive population looking to invest and learn about investing by simply playing contests in Rainmaker.

Our Premium Technology Arsenal

  • Microservices architecture
  • Flutter based iOS and Android application
  • Cloud Infrastructure on Docker via Amazon Web Services
  • Real-time updates with Web Sockets
  • Backend scripting and restful APIs
  • Third-party integrations for Stock and Cryptocurrency data
  • Third-party integrations for Payment Gateway, Bank account, and UPI Verification

Say Hello to Scalable Architecture

We needed to build it from the bottom up, an extremely complicated real-time Stocks and cryptocurrency fantasy gaming App across iPhone and Android.

Being a fantasy game, we took care of the massive user activity on the app. The activity would be multiplied by the complex stocks and cryptocurrency data we were sending in real-time.

  • Used Docker and Kubernetes clusters over Amazon EKS to manage massive data activity and users in the app.
  • Efficient implementation of microservices to manage multiple services.
  • Rigorous optimization of API usage and data processing via backend logic to minimize processes load and deadlock situations.
  • Ongoing performance testing and monitoring to make sure contests are running as effortlessly.

A Well Thought Purposeful Design

We aimed to make Rainmaker very user-friendly as possible and easy to understand. We went through several iterations, established the information architecture, conducted analysis, and solicited client and employee feedback. We came up with finished wireframing, which was fine in terms of UX, after multiple trials and error phases; we created a prototype of the App and showed it to others for their feedback before delivering the UI.

Beautiful Yet Snappy Apps

A vast population of people is divided between Android and iOS. If you want to reach out to that audience, you’ll need a professional app that works well on a variety of devices and screen sizes. We need to examine across platforms while encouraging uptake and ensuring that the basic rationale remains consistent across platforms. Both operating systems, with their distinct UI components and patterns, were kept in mind and given equal attention. We created the App for Android, iPhone, and iPad so that users from both OS communities could get the most out of it.

Users don’t appreciate complexity or labor that requires a lot of effort in this fast-paced world; gadgets are supposed to make life easier, so if an app takes more than two seconds to respond, it’s a no-go for them. Therefore, our top priority was to create a swift and responsive app which we successfully created.

Rainmaker?️ ? – Destined for success!

We are so proud of Rainmaker and happy to be a part of its journey. Rainmaker has become a fan favorite with 10,000+ downloads just on the Android Play store within weeks of its launch. The founding team behind Rainmaker is highly experienced and seasoned professionals. They have a great vision and the execution prowess to make Rainmaker a success!

Shedding more light on the thought behind this pioneering idea, Harsh Himmatsingka, Founder & CEO, Rainmaker said, “While India’s love for cryptocurrency trading has outdone that of even the US and China, the knowledge around how to maximize one’s investment in crypto trading is still limited. With Rainmaker, it is not only the crypto literate that we hope to attract but also those who are unsure but are crypto curious, that we hope to arm with the knowledge needed to confidently become an actual crypto trader.”


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