MMA BetClub Collaborates With Cliffex For Digital Transformation of MMA Fantasy Sports Clubs

Operating a Fantasy sports club is a tedious and (largely) thankless job filled with countless excel sheets, phone calls, messaging groups and manual data entry. MMA BetClub intends to make owning and participating in MMA fantasy sports clubs fun again!

Mr. Joe Aburdene, CEO and Founder of MMA BetClub, had an idea to better organize, digitize and transform the existing MMA fantasy sports clubs into social and more modern experiences.

It’s a modern way of bringing MMA fantasy sports to our laptops and mobile screens so that we can follow and focus on the game with the best strategies.

Mr. Amit Singh, Cliffex’s Business Head

MMA BetClub was founded for people who are passionate about MMA fantasy sports. We understand what an ideal fantasy sports experience looks like from the perspective of a player, and we strive to provide it. At MMA BetClub, you will find all that modern betting has to offer: the broadest possible choice of markets on MMA and convenient payments, quick withdrawals, a unique reward scheme for loyal customers, and much more.

About MMA BetClub

MMA BetClub is a place of love to compete where the friends gather together and share the fight predictions. This will help to talk about their strategies as a private group to evaluate the history data to prove who the real experts are.

MMA BetClub is a Fantasy MMA/Social site rather than a casino for actual wagers; players can enter dollar amounts to track or simulate their betting scenarios and confidence. Global Leaderboards provide insight into the top performers on the site, regardless of club affiliation. Their picks can influence your decisions to maximize points or profits on your preferred betting site.

About Cliffex

Cliffex creates cutting-edge digital products that assist clients all over the world in achieving their goals. Our professional developers have extensive experience developing mobile games, enterprise-level software, web apps, websites, and iOS and Android mobile apps. We can help you with custom mobile applications development that includes expert business analysis, design, UI UX design, and your mobile application development from idea to launch.