Top Innovative More Visual and Faster Apps With Flutter

Top Innovative More Visual and Faster Apps With Flutter

Flutter is part of the open-source mobile development SDK and was launched by Google. The SDK was written in Dart language. It simplifies the cross-platform development process and has emerged as a favorite of the developers.

In 2019, Statista reports that the number of apps in the Google Play Store is 2.57 million and in the Apple App Store it is 1.84 million. More and more apps are built to take the digital footprint to a new level. Out of the entire haul of apps, a huge number of apps are created with Flutter.

Why Use Flutter?

Flutter happens to be one of the cross-platform mobile development frameworks. Mobile development companies always prefer to create cross-platform mobile apps instead of native apps. The reason for this is that Flutter creates cross-platform apps that work in multiple devices, with a single codebase. It saves time and money for the development team.

Flutter offers numerous benefits to developers. Next, we delve with them.

Is Flutter Worth It?

Here are some of the benefits of Flutter:

Faster Code

Flutter comes with an exceptional feature called Hot Reload. It enables us to reflect changes made to Flutter, as soon as alterations are made. It does not lose the application state. Ir results in faster development, thanks to the increased development speed. The changed code gets reloaded in less than a second. This kind of feature helps in faster app development because of development speed.

Less Testing

There is no need for the testers to run the same set of codes on different platforms. So, the developers write the programming code only once. It considerably saves the time of the testing team.

Same UI and Business Logic

Sharing codebase is a common phenomenon among the other cross-platforms. But, Flutter is completely different as it shares UI and UI code. It is not in the requirement of platform-specific UI components for rendering the UI, unlike other frameworks.

The sharing part in Flutter saves the time and effort of the developer. Flutter has its own rendering engine and uses Skia for rendering itself on a platform provided canvas. It simplifies the development process as there is no need to adjust the UI and then transfer it into a platform.

Loveable Designs

Flutter allows easier integration of animations in mobile apps. It has a custom, animated UIs of any complexity available. It helps in building stunning User Interfaces (UIs) with design-centric widgets, higher-end development tools, scrolling, and navigation features as well as advanced APIs. It makes the process versatile and flexible.

Increase Time-to- Market

Flutter does not require any platform-specific code for the visuals in your application. So, Flutter takes two times lesser man-hours when compared with apps developed in other frameworks.

Next, we come to some of the notable apps built with Flutter.

Some Notable Apps Built with Flutter

1 – Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most popular apps built with Flutter. It offers detailed real-time Google Ad campaign information to the users. One of the features which go remarkably well with the users is campaigns can be improved, while on the go.

The app offers innovative features – update bids or budgets, real-time notifications, campaign statistics, keyword editing, etc.

The app enables you to create and edit responsive search ads and aids in last-minute promotions. The image below shows the Google App:

2 – Reflectly

It an AI-driven app depicting personal journeys. It uses cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, etc for staying positive. It keeps the user mentally well.

It provides insights into coping with the stress in your life and describes your days.

3 – Alibaba

Alibaba is the most renowned eCommerce platform in the world. The app is a wholesale marketplace for global trade. Flutter displays its ability to show large-scale e-commerce transactions. Below images show the app in Alibaba:

4 – Hamilton Musical

It is the official app for the Broadway Musical named Hamilton. The app uploads daily news sells Hamilton merchandise from official stores as well as updates tour details. The users can win official lotteries for tour locations and locations like Chicago, New York, and London.

5 – My Leaf

It is a free third-party app that acts as an alternative to the official NissanConnect app. It allows viewing the climate control status of your vehicle, battery status, remote charging, and other features like the last location of the car. The below image compares the My leaf app vs the NissanConnect EV app.

6 – SeaMount

SeaMount document scan and upload app are used by the clients of SeaMount Tax & Accounting Services to provide scanned documents for processing. Create a simple to use app that allows the clients of an accounting services business to provide scanned copies of their documents.


Flutter is the right framework for your app development company because it can quickly develop Minimum Value Products (MVPs) due to its cross-platform nature.  It increases the time-to-market the app developed by you and develops great apps for both Android and iOS devices.

Cliffex is a Mobile and Web Development Studio that creates high-performing mobile apps with Flutter, at a faster rate than that any other framework. The highly experienced developers know that Flutter is most useful when more functionalities are required by less code.