Gas-O-Line Selects Cliffex To Rethink Gasoline Cards.

Gasoline is a valuable fuel for everyday use, and we all know its importance of it. But in the last few years, gas prices have been rising at an alarming rate, which has been a burden on the consumers. Gas-O-Line will be an innovative Gas Card platform that offers unique ways for Americans to save money on gas.

Mr. Amir, CEO, and founder of Gas-O-Line empathized with the consumers who pay more and more every day for gas. Using innovative market pricing, and maximizing operational efficiencies, he came up with the idea of creating a subscription-based gas card. Using these Gas cards, customers will always get gas at a lower price as compared to gas station prices. Consumers purchase subscription plans based on their consumption patterns and pay fixed monthly subscription fees for gallon-based monthly limit (eg, 50 gallons/month) regardless of the market price of gasoline. Consumers can buy gas from any petrol station for their vehicles.

“Pay with Gas-O-Line will become the fuel-savings platform for over a million consumers in the United States, offering a simple, convenient, and affordable way to save money at the gas station,” said Ankit Kharola, Cliffex’s Digital Marketing Manager.

Our mission at Gas-O-Line is to help everyone save money at the pump, regardless of credit score or fuel brand availability. The Pay with Gas-O-Line program will show and deliver exactly that, and it is essential today when many people are struggling to afford rising fuel costs.

This card benefits the consumers who worry about the gas dynamic prices; they get the gas at a subscription plan.

About Gas-O-Line

Gas-O-Line is the fuel-saving platform providing Americans with the most ways to save money on gas. Gas-O-Line savings to its users through providing real-time gas price information at every station, as on the purchase of a subscription plan where Gas-O-Line provides the low prices of gas compared to today. Today, it is essential to get this card because many people struggle to afford rising fuel costs.

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