Fresh Social media video Template

Social media video template for full month of videos on Fb, Twitter, Instagram.

Create stunning social media videos for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with our done-for-you template pack. Tailored to your brand, publish engaging content 3 times a week for a month. Get social today!

Package pricing includes all features with edit features.


— 12 video posts


— 6 video posts


Use our social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) video templates in this pack to publish stunning Reels, Stories, and video Ads. We will customize each video as per your brand guidelines. Publish them to your feed 3 times per week to enjoy a month’s worth of engaging content. Inspire your followers with share-worthy 12 pack videos in this template today!

This is a video template kit + customization service to update template as per your brand. We will update the template videos as per your brand’s images/videos, text, and colors. 

Service highlights

Sample posts include with 12 styles

You can choose any 6 or all 12 styles for your social network.


Find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about this product

How will i receive the videos after the purchase?

We will update the template as per your brand guidelines and send you high quality .mp4 videos.

We will update the following assets as provided by you:
– Brand colors
– Brand text
– Brand images/videos 

How much time will you take to update the video template as per my brand?

We will deliver the videos within 7 business days of receiving the instructions for each video in the template. 

How can i submit my brand instructions to customize the videos in the template?

After purchase, we will send you a questionnaire. Fill-in the questionnaire and we will make text, color, and image/video adjustments accordingly. This will be a one time customization so make sure you have double checked everything before sending your changes.

How many times can i re-use the videos?

Once we have delivered the videos in .mp4 format to you. You can use the videos any number of times and in as many social media websites as you like. 

What if i want further customizations?

Looking for custom social media marketing services or services related to digital marketing? Feel free to connect with our digital marketing consultants at