We leverage strategic design thinking, creative visualization, and process driven approach to deliver a top-notch digital experiences.

Design system

Human-first design your industry needs

We create and introduce efficient, research-driven products tailored to your specific industry. Our design process involves examining the market, the intended audience, and current industry trends to create designs that genuinely benefit your users, fostering their loyalty to your brand. Our comprehensive product design services cover everything from initial discovery to testing, ensuring you receive a complete cycle of design solutions.

  • Design discovery and research

  • User experience design (UX)

  • Interface design(UI)

  • Design testing

  • Design system

  • User research

  • UX audit

  • Branding

  • Design sprint

  • SaaS product design

  • Product design for startups

  • Web design

Product design

We offer all the roles necessary to help you with all digital product design requirements. Our team includes digital product designers, business analysts, UX researchers, UX/UI designers, brand designers, and motion designers. 

Design Sprint

During our two-week design sprint, we will assist you in developing a product concept. Our process will involve identifying market needs and creating personas to better understand your target audience.


Design Specifications

We generate design specifications that enable you to realize and advance your product vision. The design specifications will facilitate the ordering of development work according to your specific requirements.


Product Prototype

We design an interactive user interface for your digital product, such as a web or mobile application, which you can internally test or assess with potential users for gathering initial product feedback.


UX Design

By humanizing your software user experience and placing emphasis on the user experience, we differentiate your product and increase user satisfaction, leading to improved customer retention and loyalty. 


UI Design

By creating a design that is intuitive, easy to navigate, and visually appealing, we enhance the user experience and foster a sense of trust in your brand. This increases conversion and builds long-term customer relationships


Design System & UI Kit

Design system establishes guidelines and standards for typography, color schemes, iconography, and other visual components, ensuring a cohesive look and feel across all user touchpoints.


UX Design

We can assist in developing new product concepts or improving existing solutions, with a focus on meeting the specific needs of your users while driving business outcomes. Our goal is to create a laser-targeted product that resonates with your users and delivers measurable business results.

User Research

By utilizing a combination of user interviews and analytics, we develop a clear picture of user needs, goals, and behaviors. Thus identifying patterns and insights that inform the design process.


User Flow & IA

We start organizing, structuring, and labeling content in a way that is intuitive and easy to navigate. Our information architecture allows users to quickly find the information they need and complete tasks quickly. 



We build schematic drawings to define page layouts and interactions, focusing on the user journey rather than visual aesthetics. While wireframing, we prioritize key interactions and remove any biases related to visual design. 


UX Testing & Review

Through real user testing, we gain valuable insights not apparent to stakeholders or team members. This allows us to identify potential pain points and areas for improvement, resulting in a better product.


UX Writing

We incorporate UX writing to enhance conversions by communicating with users in a simple and straightforward language that resonates with them throughout the product to increase engagement and conversions.


UI Design

Well-designed user interfaces create lasting impression with customers, giving you an advantage over competitors. Our UI/UX designs integrate effective visual elements, intuitive information architecture, and distinctive brand messaging to guide customers towards optimal solutions.

User Flows and Task flows

We consider various outcomes and build visualizations is to show the navigation routes, check for missing information or states, and visualize entry, exit, and decision points for the user or customer journey.


Wireframes or Gray boxing

With wireframes, we visualize the general layout, establish correct proportions, build trust with stakeholders via a more fleshed-out idea of the design, and provide a fast and inexpensive way to create low-fidelity prototypes.


High fidelity Designs

High fidelity designs are created by combining graphic design, copywriting, and visual design skills to create a polished and refined final product. HFD’s incorporate unique brand aesthetic and thematic elements. 


UI Design Kit

UI design Kit translates ideas into consistent elements that can be easily shared with engineers, and facilitate accurate discussions and collaboration across teams for future iterations using core design principles.


Clickable Prototype

We deliver simulated version of the application to demonstrate how it is expected to look and behave. It includes all screens in high-fidelity and target points that mimic user interaction with the actual product. 


Design System & UI Kit

Design systems and UI kits are essential for creating consistent and high-quality user interfaces. Such systems are built with scalable UI library that provides a single source of truth for all design elements to engineers. They also ensure design governance by establishing modern processes and tooling for design and development teams.

Scalable UI Library

Scalable UI library, is a collection of reusable UI components that can be used across different applications or products. This library is be designed to be flexible and adaptable to different design requirements and constraints.


Single Source

All deliverables like components and design guidelines act as the central repository that is easily accessible to all stakeholders. This helps ensure consistency and eliminates confusion or inconsistencies in design.


Design Governance

Cliffex design system and UI kit includes a governance model that outlines the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders involved in the design process. This ensures team alignment and common goal.


Modern Processes and Tooling

Delivered design system and UI kit supports modern design processes and tooling, such as version control, design testing, agile delivery and feedback. This helps build a robust designOps culture that is constantly evolving over time.


Visual and Functional QA

Our design deliverables undergo visual and functional quality assurance testing to ensure that the components and guidelines meet the desired level of quality and functionality that the enterprise desires.


UI Style Guide

Style guide outlines the design principles, visual language, and guidelines for using the UI components. This helps ensure consistency in the design. It also helps onboard new designers and developers to the design system.


Graphics Design

Cliffex offers corporate design services to establish brand identity, digital advertising design to increase engagement, marketing material design to communicate messages effectively, pitch deck and presentation design to leave lasting impressions, and custom report design to present complex information in a visually compelling way. 

Corporate Designs

We create a cohesive and consistent visual identity for your company, including logos, color palettes, typography, and other branding elements. This helps establish a strong brand presence and recognition.


Digital Advertising

We offer graphics design services for digital advertising campaigns, including banner ads, social media graphics, email newsletters, and other digital marketing materials to help drive engagement and conversions.


Marketing Materials

We craft marketing materials such as flyers, posters, brochures, and other marketing collateral. Our designs are tailored to the brand and messaging. Effectively communicating your message to your target audience.


Pitch Decks & Presentations

We specialize in creating pitch decks and corporate presentations for businesses and startups, which are essential tools for communicating your ideas, products, and services to potential investors or clients. 


Custom Report Design

Our team of data visualization experts can help you present your data and information in a visually compelling way, using infographics, charts, and other visual aids to communicate complex information effectively.