React Vs. Angular – which one should you use to build your startup product?

React Vs. Angular – which one should you use to build your startup product

We’ve all struggled with deciding on the right framework for a web application, and we’re typically torn between these two popular solutions.

Startups, SMEs, and large corporations all want to build scalable web apps with suitable frameworks.

Nowadays, AngularJS and ReactJS, are widely utilized in web app development, which makes it difficult for businesses to choose the ideal one. To help businesses understand the differences between AngularJS and ReactJS, I’ll go over the topic of AngularJS versus ReactJS.

What is React?

Jordan Walke, a Facebook software engineer, invented the React library for front-end UI work in 2011. Yes, it’s a library, but it’s also referred to as a framework because expansion packages enable it to work as one. React (or React.js), unlike Angular, is based on JavaScript and uses a unidirectional data exchange approach that uses components rather than templates.

Many popular PWAs, social media networks, data dashboards, and cross-platform mobile apps all use React. React’s wide market adoption is due to its simple formatting style and extensive component library.

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When do we suggest React for a startup’s web development?
Languages for front-end development are always changing. Startups must deal with new advanced trends and changes on a daily basis. To maintain growth and development, business owners must cope with the effects of new technologies as they progress. With new libraries and expanded functionality appear…

Advantages of ReactJS

SEO friendly

Whereas all of the JavaScript frameworks are responsive to SEO, ReactJS excels in this area. You can execute ReactJS on the server, and the virtual DOM will be returned and rendered as a regular web page in your browser. You don’t need to use any additional techniques!


It’s a JavaScript-like syntax that looks like HTML. The markup and codes for JSX are combined in the same file. This implies that as you write references to your component’s functions and variables, code completion assists you. When comparing AngularJS to ReactJS, the latter’s string-based templates have the standard drawbacks: no code coloring in many editors, restricted code completion, and run-time failures. As a result, ReactJS has the upper hand.

Great User Interface

Unlike AngularJS, React Native is significantly more focused on the user interface. It uses JavaScript interactions between the device’s native environment and ReactJS Native to provide your users with a highly responsive interface. As a result, the application’s load time increases, and it runs more smoothly with fewer interruptions.

Highly efficient

React.js creates its own virtual DOM where you can store your components. Because ReactJS evaluates what changes need to be performed in the virtual DOM in advance and updates the DOM trees accordingly, this technique allows developers a lot of flexibility and remarkable performance advantages. In React js development, developers avoid inefficient DOM operations and perform updates quickly.

Disadvantages of using ReactJS

Here, are a few cons of using ReactJS

  • Integrating ReactJS with a popular MVC framework like Rail necessitates a lot of setups.
  • Users of this framework would need to be well-versed in the integration of the user interface with the MVC framework.

What is Angular?

Angular is a front-end framework for JavaScript (JS) that uses the TypeScript language and was published by Google in 2010. It was created by Miško Hevery and Adam Abrons is a JavaScript-based AngularJS to assist programmers in creating dynamic content web applications using HTML templates.

The Angular 1.8.2 version, which was released on October 21, 2020, is a stable release. Because of an improved method for two-way data binding and the addition of component-based design, it can work up to 5-10 times faster.

Angular is used by many companies worldwide to create large-scale web applications like e-commerce, booking platforms, and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), which turn a website into a smartphone app. Because of its Google support and coding capability, it remains one of the most used JavaScript frameworks.

Benefits of using AngularJS

Easier Decision Making

Because AngularJS is a full-fledged MVC framework, it comes with built-in opinions and capabilities. AngularJS makes it easier to get started without getting overwhelmed with decision-making. This also makes it easier and more realistic to swap developers between teams and helps new developers feel at ease.

When comparing AngularJS to ReactJS, the latter just provides the “View” in the MVC (Model View Controller), making it less structured and opinionated.

Component structure:

From a framework to a platform, AngularJS has come a long way. As a result, you may use its components with different frameworks with ease. Additional functionality can be implemented in the form of fully functional components or directives that enhance the functionality of an existing component.

Developing environment:

For AngularJS development, you can use your preferred environment. Although the majority of its developers utilize TypeScript, you can use Javascript or Dart instead. You can use either pure HTML or pre-processors like Jade to create templates.

Testing in AngularJS:

AngularJS was designed to make it simple to construct tests for apps, especially if you use modules, as the official documentation suggests. As a result, AngularJS has a significant testing advantage, which is even another reason to use it.

Drawbacks of using AngularJS

Here, are the cons of using AngularJS

  • Steep learning curve
  • Scopes are challenging to debug Limited Routing
  • This framework sometimes becomes slow with pages embedding interactive components.
  • Third-party integration is complicated.

What is Angular Good for?

Angular is a front-end development framework that is notable for being a stand-alone solution for creating data-driven web apps. Because it was created by Google engineers, you can be confident in the code’s stability and efficiency, which is backed up by a large community of specialists. Angular is notable for its model-view-controller capability, which improves the functionality of browser-based apps by lowering the amount of javascript code required to keep the project running.

Why should you choose Angular?

Rxjs and AngularCLI are built-in tools that make it easier to establish data channels and handle events independently. Using Angular, creating apps, adding files, and debugging a project is a breeze.

  • By running the components in parallel, optimizes the developers’ work and saves lines of code.
  • Improves overall performance.
  • Server-side rendering is quick, which helps views that don’t have browser-side rendering.

Major Tech Companies using AngularJS


PayPal is one of the world’s largest and most widely utilized payment gateways. The PayPal checkout system, which includes critical functionality such as a payment review page and sites for adding credit cards, was built with Angular. As primary needs, these qualities carry a high level of security concerns as well as smooth functionality.


Upwork is the most popular freelance site, with over 10 million freelancers using Angular. For highly functional platforms like Upwork, technologies like Angular are required to keep the capabilities running smoothly and to reflect changes in a fraction of a second.


Localytics is a well-known technology that is utilized by companies like Microsoft, The New York Times, HBO, and others. It has used Angular to improve its features and establish a separate identity by utilizing the Angular UI suite and successfully lowering the amount of code required to keep the application running.

What is ReactJS Good for?

ReactJS is a free and open-source framework. It’s used to manage the application’s view layer, and developers choose it for creating reusable UI components. Changing the data without reloading the website is quick and scalable. ReactJS was originally used on Facebook and then later on Instagram’s news feed. ReactJS is mostly used in large-scale applications to load data without refreshing the webpage.

Why should you choose ReactJS:

  • Unlike Angular, ReactJS developers must integrate additional entities to obtain access to specific ReactJS functions and fully interactive functionality.
  • It contains Redux-like state containers for the speedier creation of scalable apps, such as dynamic elements and renderer management.
  • Converting JSX to Javascript for better browser compatibility
  • Code bundlers, such as web packs, are required.
  • Using a URL routing library, such as ReactRouter.

Major Tech Companies using ReactJS


ReactJS is used by Netflix, a world-class media streaming provider, primarily for low-performance devices. Netflix, for example, uses the ReactJS toolkit to boost runtime performance, modularization, and startup speed.

The New York Times

The New York Times has also created a whole new project to cover various celebrity appearances on the Oscar red carpet. The ReactJS framework was used to create the project, which allowed users to apply filters and select photographs of their choice. The ability to totally re-render has been highlighted as the most amazing feature of ReactJS.


ReactJS is used by Facebook, however, only in part. Their website uses React as a script that is integrated into the application code. The mobile app is also created with React Native, which is similar to React but is responsible for displaying native iOS and Android components rather than DOM elements.

It’s worth noting that the ReactJS library was born on Facebook, which is why it’s only natural for the app to use it. React Fiber, Facebook’s entirely redesigned ReactJS, was just released as a beta.

Popularity Growth: Angular vs ReactJS

Angular vs React both have gained popularity over the discussion forums and among the developers’ community. While looking at the most popular platform’s stats, Angular has 74,100 stars, and ReactJS has 170,000 stars.

Meanwhile, the Market Share of both these JS Frameworks are as follows:

React.js: 2.6 %

Angular: 0.4 %

angular vs react - Angular statistics

ReactJS, on the other hand, is a library for a full-fledged framework like Angular. Angular, on the other hand, has always had a high average number of stars when compared to the library framework ReactJS. The early release of ReactJS is the explanation for the high number of stars and a low number of issues.

angular vs react - react statistics

Similarities Between AngularJS & ReactJS

It’s critical to know the similarities between the two frameworks in order to get an appropriate outcome in the AngularJS versus ReactJS conflict. Let’s look at the similarities and differences between Angular and React.


CSS3 is required for professional front-end development. Fortunately, both frameworks embrace CSS3 and provide you with more opportunities to improve.


HTML5 is clear for these two, as it is for other frameworks. Despite the fact that the degree of knowledge required for both frameworks is not the same, their applications are relatively similar.

Object-Oriented Principles and Design Patterns

Not just in terms of languages, but also in terms of design, these two frameworks are very similar. Pure Functions, Singletons, Immutability, Composability, Inheritance, and many other criteria are fundamental ideas that aid in effective development in general.


JavaScript (ES5 and ES6) is essential in both scenarios. Because they come from the same language family, their flexibility and dependability are identical.


If I were to ask which of the two frameworks, AngularJS or ReactJS, is better for me, I would have a difficult time answering because both frameworks in the AngularJS versus ReactJS fight perform equally well.

ReactJS is SEO-friendly, real-time, and traffic-friendly but AngularJS, on the other hand, provides easy development and testing as well as reliability.

If using the finest foundation for web app development is critical, then choosing devoted and experienced developers from the top software development firm is also crucial. This will assist you in making proper framework usage in web app development.