New Ios 13.1 and Ipad 13.1 Releases From Apple – Features to Look for

New Ios 13.1 and Ipad 13.1

In 2019, Apple had initial plans of releasing iOS 13.1 on Sept 30, 2019. Less than a week after Apple launched iOS 13 on Sept 19, 2019 – the tech giant came out with iOS 13.1 on Sept 24, 2019.

Apple also came up with iPadOS, meant for the Apple tablets.

There are many new features in the new release of iOS 13. Let us explore.

What are the New Features in iOS 13.1?

Following re some of the new features in iOS 13.1:

Share ETA in Maps

If you work out a route using maps, the new feature allows you to share the ETA(Estimated Time of Arrival) with family and friends.  Get an update on the new arrival time, due to delay for any reason or change in your route.

Audio Sharing

It enables the user, on a long flight to use more than one pair of Apple AirPods for a single iPhone.  It applies not just for the AirPods but any H1 or W2 equipped headphone set enabled by Bluetooth. Some examples of this kind of headphone sets are Beats Powerbeats Pro, BeatsX, Studio3 Wireless, Solo3 Wireless, and Powerbeats3 Wireless headphones. It acts perfectly to view the same playlist and view a film with someone else.


There is a new addition to Airdrop in iOS 13.1. But, of course, you need to have an iPhone that is UI-equipped. The Airdrop feature makes use of the iPhone 11’s new Ultra-Wideband technology. When you share a file to AirDrop, you can point your iPhone to another iPhone 11 of any other person, and share it with them.


The lyrics view in the Apple Music app provides a new way to view your lyrics. You may launch the new lyrics screen with just a  tap on the lyrics button. Apple Music has a new view to display the lyrics in a karaoke-like stream, to highlight the current lyrics.


Shortcuts came out in iOS 12 and further enhanced in iOS 13. The Shortcut app is becoming even smarter. In iOS 13.1,  the shortcuts are becoming easier and run automatically in the background.

It is due to suggested animations for creating shortcuts for tasks like the morning routine. You can set your lights on while putting off the alarm in the morning and let a list of appointments displayed on your iPhone.

Find me

There is tweak in iOS 13.1 for the Find me an app on iPhone which allows locating a lost phone or keep a tab on your friends. The new feature allows the friends to sign in and track the lost device of yours.

What About iPadOS?

The iOS update for iPad got split into a separate operating system train called iPadOS. The new features here are:

  • New multitasking Enhancements
  • Enhancements to the File app
  • Dark Mode
  • Floating Keyboard
  • Reduced Apple Pencil Latency
  • Text-editing gestures
  • New Reminders app

1. New Multitasking Enhancements

It is the best of all the new features. The enhancements make the iPad look like an entirely new device. The new enhancements are:

  • Invoke Slide Over apps from either side of the display
  • Multiple apps in Slide Over
  • Move Slide Over apps
  • Swipe between Slide Over apps
  • Slide Over app switcher
  • Close Slide Over apps

2. Enhancements to File app

Files app can connect to external storage like USB drives and SSD storage.

Users can have external drive support, connect to external servers, zip and unzip files, and also view enhanced metadata.

It acts as a hub for everything file related to iPadOS.

3. Dark Mode

Dark Mode is the singular most flagship feature for iPadOS. It allows users to use the iPad, even in dimly-lit or dark environments. The support fo the Dark Mode is extensive and includes:

  • Special dark-infused wallpapers
  • A dark dock
  • Dark Today View widgets
  • Dark default applications
  • Dark third-party applications

4. Floating Keyboard

Apple introduced the new floating keyboard, understanding that the user faces difficulty, while thumb testing. The user can access the floating keyboard on selecting the Floating Button. Select the floating button after long-pressing the dismiss button, located in the bottom right-hand corner of the keyboard.

5. Reduced Apple Pencil Latency

The latency of Apple Pencil gets reduced from 20 milliseconds to nine milliseconds. The newer generations of iPads and Apple pencils are the devices where the effect is most perceived.

6. Text-editing Gestures

iPad has started growing into its computing platform. iPad 13.1 comes up with new productivity, text-editing gestures. It enables the user to get around the home screen or the apps with these new gestures. The gestures allow you to open multiple apps or even switching between workspaces.

7. Full-page Screenshots with Markups

It enables the user to capture screenshots of an entire web page, email, or the whole document. The user can add mark it app with or without Apple Pencil. A new pixel eraser comes with a markup interface to erase pixel by pixel instead of deleting a full stroke.


Apple intends to make your iPhone smarter, secure, and faster. Android is present on 90 % of smartphones, all over the world. So, it is but natural that Apple wants to maintain its status and reputation and so has come with new features in the iOS 13.1 and also for iPad 13.1.

iOS 13.1 was an update an iOS 13. It is about addressing the issues of iOS 13.1. Some examples of these new features in iOS 13.1 are dedicated Dark Mode, Share ETA in Apple Maps, AirDrop features, adding back Shortcut Animations, etc. These features solve many issues but not all. Some of the existing problems, not yet resolved, are those of keyboard extensions, location permissions, etc.

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