Medsched Selects Cliffex for SmartAppointment

Medsched Selects Cliffex for SmartAppointment

SmartAppointment is on a mission to revolutionize provider discovery and industry-first instant appointment confirmation to patients. SmartAppointment will also provide We believe in providing the most accurate, comprehensive, and curated information to providers so that they can make efficient data driven decisions for their business.

“Finding the best doctor near me for my healthcare needs”

is the most important question for any patient. SmartAppointment will provide a comprehensive, location-driven discovery platform for patients to search and find providers based on their location. Patients can also view provider ratings and pick the best available provider for their healthcare needs.

Providers will be able to select their empanelled insurances and self-pay options. Patients with matching (and verified) insurances will be able to schedule instant appointments with a provider. By promptly validating the patient’s insurance information, the provider can reduce the number of calls for appointment-related questions. Can better spend Staff time on more challenging issues like medication refills and test results, which have a more significant influence on patient satisfaction. Reduce the requirement for additional staffing due to high call traffic.

Apart from the features such as group management, and complete view of patient contact information. Providers also get advanced reporting and charts that allow them to make data-driven decisions that impact their business.

About Smartappointment

SmartAppointment Intelligent appointment is a technology company connecting people and doctors via a digital marketplace. SmartAppointment is a service that lets patients find a variety of doctors who fit their input criteria. Patients can then choose a doctor based on their specific needs and make an appointment if they choose.

SmartAppointment is not a healthcare provider; we do not promote or refer patients to a specific expert or individual. We also don’t evaluate or rank providers based on their quality. Our marketplace solution, on the other hand, is patient-initiated and patient-directed. It is intended to enable patients to make their own healthcare decisions, such as deciding which providers are most suited to their requirements and whether or not to schedule an appointment.

About Cliffex

Cliffex is a global IT consulting services company specializing in bringing new technical ideas to life. We are driven by a desire to create things that have a positive impact. We enjoy using user-centric design and scalable software engineering to solve challenges. Our expert developers have extensive expertise in designing web and mobile apps. Cliffex assists high growth Startups and innovative companies with custom web and mobile application development from concept to launch, including expert business analysis, design, development, UI UX, and quality & security testing services across platforms.