Increasing Organic Reach in Social Media – is It Possible?

Increasing Organic Reach in Social Media – is It Possible

With the arrival of the new year, Facebook has been dominated by paid advertising. Is it possible to increase organic reach? These activities will help you increase your audience without having to invest a large amount.

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Organic methods of gaining coverage in social media allow building a loyal relationship with potential client’s such actions, from the recipient’s perspective, are much more effective than intrusive, ubiquitous advertising. However, to achieve the desired effect, it is worth combining paid advertising with activities that will increase organic reach. First of all, when posting content on social media, you must remember that the most important rule is regularity.

What other measures should be implemented to increase organic reach?

How to Increase Organic Reach

Publish Viral Video – nothing attracts the viewer’s attention like video. If you want to arouse the interest of your audience, bet on video content. This also applies to stream, i.e. live reports that not only arouse the curiosity of the recipients, but also allow them to be up to date with the news introduced by the company.

Tell a Story – the storytelling technique still works, mainly due to the fact that it helps to show the recipient the authenticity of the company, which translates into developing brand loyalty. Remember, however, not to bore the recipient with a duplicate pattern. How to do it? Engage the recipient emotionally.

Use Chatbot – expressly answering the client’s question is the key to his satisfaction. If the specificity of the products or services you offer means that you regularly receive questions from the same category from customers, make your work easier, saving time, while guaranteeing the recipient a sense that the company offering the services is professional and mainly focused on taking care of your client, serving help all the time – it will create in the customer the feeling that the company puts customer satisfaction first, not profit.

Build a Relationship With Customers – social media is not only an additional channel through which you can sell a product. It is primarily a field in which you can build a relationship with the customer, thereby tying him to the brand. Developing in the client aware that communication is not one-sided and that you can count on the support of the store at every stage of the purchasing process, translates into the fact that the customer will be more willing to come back, again using our offer

Be Responsive – regular social media publications are one thing, while customer relationship activity is another. Put yourself in the role of an expert in your field – comment, respond, respond. This will further increase the customer’s sense of loyalty, who, feeling the interest from the company, will be more likely to return to the store to stock up on the products or services offered

Increasing organic reach in the era of ubiquitous advertising is undoubtedly a difficult task that brings insufficient results. However, it is not worth giving up on them, focusing only on paid advertising, which, in the sheer volume of other such messages, alienates the recipient.