Niffler is a local discovery and discounts app where users find the best deals at brick and mortar stores near their location.


Niffler is a new enterent in the local discovery and discounts app market. This is an already crowded market with many players fighting for user's attention and retention. Apart from providing good value to its users, Niffler wanted to differentiate their product with good user experience and design.


We did competitive analysis and created end to end app UI and user experience design for Niffler. This differenciated Niffler from its competitors and helped them craft their branding efforts. Implementation of the redesigned app lead to 100% increase in app downloads soon after it was made live.

An acquisition in the winter of 2015 made the founders very happy.

  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • UI/UX Design
  • “The entire project was structured in a very professional manner. We went through a structured process of framing ideas, deciding objectives, making user flows and eventually converting those user flows to actual designs that worked with our users. Very happy with the way our app redesign turned out.”
    Edul Patel
    Chief Executive Officer

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