Get Set Go

Get Set Go is a rewards-focused, borderless community platform to participate in or host virtual running events.


Create a virtual running rewards focused platform that allows professional atheletes and running enthusiasts to participate in events and challenges.


We built the website, app, and a self service web portal for event hosts to create events, set winnings and prizes. Considerable effort was put to make sure correct tracking happens on all kinds of devices.

  • Branding
  • App Development
  • Web Development
  • Product Management & Strategy

Brand - Clean, energetic and real

Based on the target audience, we went for clean but edgy and high energy branding that incites excitement.


Design Strategy

We wanted to provide a purpose driven, clean and consistent interface throughout the app, website, and hosting portal. User research approved wireframes showed that users are accustomed to general interface popular in fitness apps. Our mockups expanded on the major cues from those interfaces to suit product requirements.

  • User Research
  • Wireframes
  • Mockups
  • UI Design
  • UX Research
  • Iconography
  • Colors & Typography

Development Strategy

We chose to follow native app development with Swift and Java for iOS and Android. This gave us enough flexibility to provide custom features. We could rely on native support for GPS, motion tracking, data storage and syncing with Android wear and Apple healthkit. Integration and support from 3rd party services was key to the success of Get Set Go; reliance on native app development allowed us that.

Website and web portal development was done with PHP as the key backend language. We supplemented wordpress CMS for easier management of content and blogging. Cloud deployment on Amazon AWS allowed for elastic and ondemand scaling of resources as needed.

  • Native iOS App
  • Native Android App
  • Website & Event Hosting Portal
Development Stack
  • iOS Xcode - Swift
  • Android Studio - Java
  • Laravel - PHP
  • Wordpress - PHP
  • Amazon AWS - Nginx, Redis
  • “One of the best running apps I have tried, easy to use and straight forward with no connection problems and with new features coming soon!! Definitely worth a try.”
    Leana Brandon
    Comorades Runner
  • “Put on your running shoes. Start slow. Challenge yourself on the app. Feel good after your run. You will sleep well and stress will disappear. Do it. Now! Get Set Go!”
    Rayno Lourens
    Road Runner
  • “Great app with challenges and fun and medals and certificates.”
    Raphael Antony

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