Functional and beautiful designs for your digital product

We focus on simplicity, functionality, and beauty to design interfaces that people love.

We are a premier user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design firm with expertise in designing for the web and mobile apps. Our unique ability to research and empathize with end users helps us design digital products geared for maximum engagement.

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We design for web and mobile

We do everything from UI/UX research, design strategy and wireframes to prototypes, visual mockups, UI animations and creating design systems.

Our processes, unhindered communication and collaboration is key to successful UI/UX designs. All designers, illustrators, visual artists, and animators sit under one roof. That is why established businesses and growing startups love working with us.

UI/UX Research

We gain deep understanding of your product, its industry, its competitors and its customers. This helps us qualify the design direction required for the best user experience and interface.

Information Architecture

We collate all the information that defines your product in the form of a mindmap for clarity. We start to understand the scope of different features and modules of the product.


These drawings are easy to create and change; they help understand the behaviour (flow) of the product. It reaffirms the requirements, features, and flow of the app or website.

Visual Mockups

We create layouts, typography, illustrations, and colour theory to create visual mockups of the website or app. This defines how the product will eventually look, feel, and behave.

Interactive Prototype

Products without proper user feedback cannot achieve success. In order to assist with early user feedback, we create interactive prototypes using industry standard prototyping tools.


If pictures are worth a thousand words, illustrations are a million. Our artists create custom illustrations to match a feature explanation or convey the mood of a screen.

UI Animation

A button that becomes red and wiggles when you tap on it tells you something is wrong. We create custom motion graphics to enhance the interface and user experience of the product.

Design System

We document the principles for proper use of identity, styles, typography, colours, UI elements, use of photographs and visuals, graphs, spacing and layout etc. for other product teams.

We use industry leading tools to design world class products.




Adobe Xd














After effect







⊙ UI/UX design case studies

We take pride in delivering extraordinary UI/UX designs that are functional yet beautiful.

Seamount Accounting

Simple document Scanning

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Kroo Sports

Sports fan engagement reinvented

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Fine dining restaurant app

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⊙ Frequently asked questions

  • Who do you work for?

    We work for established companies and growing startups to create or re-create the UI/UX design of their digital products. Sometimes, we work with charismatic experienced entrepreneurs who have promising ideas to build their products from design and development to market. If you think your product needs our help with UI/UX design, feel free to reach out to us at

  • Is your team experienced enough to design for my website/app?

    Yes we are! We have an ace team of experienced researchers, designers, artists, and animators to take care of your website/app. Members of our design team have worked with popular startups and fortune 500 companies to take on challenging design projects.

  • How do you approach the design of a website or an app?

    Every project gets assigned a delivery/design manager experienced in design leadership to understand the finer details and requirements of your website/app. As per the requirements of your product, the design is divided into different milestones such as UI/UX research, wireframing, prototyping and visual mockups. You are involved in each step of the design process with review meetings, continuous feedback, changes and confirmation. The project ends when you are happy with the final delivery of the designs.

  • How long does it take to design a website/app?

    Design projects and their timelines vary wildly based on the requirements of each project. For example, while some websites may not need UI/UX research, others may need an extensive one. Typically, design process for a well researched website with custom illustrations can take anywhere between 1 - 3 months to complete. Design process for mobile apps with UI/UX research, custom illustrations, UI animations etc. can take between 2 - 4 months to complete.

  • Can you build a prototype that helps me validate my idea?

    Absolutely! We have extensive knowledge of rapid prototyping and we can help you go from an idea to an interactive prototype within weeks. This helps you to quickly get your idea to its intended audience and take valid feedback.

  • Will you outsource the UI/UX design of my product?

    No. We do not outsource because it is very hard to control the quality of designs if the process is not taking place under the same roof with the people we trust and easily communicate with. All our UI/UX designs and asset creation is done in-house by our employees and contractors.

  • After design, I also need help with the development of my website/app. Can you help?

    Yes. At Cliffex, we do end-to-end design and development of websites and mobile applications. Over 250,000 users use products built by us every day!

  • How much do you charge for UI/UX design of a website/app?

    Our UI/UX design process is created to suit the requirements of a product. A lot depends on the category of your product, and the requirement for different aspects like research, illustrations, motion graphics and animations etc. As with all things in life, the more time a product takes, the more expensive it will be. Websites are usually the least time taking while web apps and mobile apps are the most time taking. Contact us at with your design requirements for a quick quote.

  • What do you need from me?

    For an efficient design process that results in world-class designs, we need 3 things: 1) a clear understanding of the idea/product. 2) time that justifies the effort and expectations from the design process and 3) availability of key stakeholders for review meetings and constant feedback loop. With our 6+ years of experience, we have found that these 3 things guaranteed design success.

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We’ve worked on mobile products for clients of all sizes, from startup to enterprise brands. Let’s talk about your project and how we can help provide value and traction.

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