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Get the desired outcome with a satisfying success measure from our SMO services. We are a leading social media marketing company offering social media services for all areas to assure you to boost traffic for your company.

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What We Cover in our Social Media Marketing Services?

If you are in the hunt for efficient methods to improve and expand your brand recognition, and website traffic, you should jump on social media platforms.

Almost each one of us, including businesses & individuals, has a social media presence today. With help from our comprehensive social media optimization services, we can help you to have a strong social media presence that engages customers and expands your business. Our high-quality SMO services include every phase of social media marketing approach and performance, from social media analysis to social media content creation.

Cliffex is a Social media marketing firm in India that supports the customer in creating and maintaining top-notch social media marketing services for all types of industries, including small firms to medium or large firms. At Cliffex, we handle all kinds of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and many more. We use appropriate SMO services to help companies build more reliable visibility on social media platforms.

Get forward towards our social media marketing services that will assist you in driving the outcomes you need by creating a robust social media presence for your business.

Expand Your Business with Our Social Media Optimization (SMO) Services

Social media has a huge role in digital marketing nowadays. Most of the smart customers have a minimum one social media presence, and they use it daily. Such social media platforms enable you to reach a broad audience quickly and build unique compatibility with them. But if you don't know how to handle your SMO campaigns, you must have to hire the best SMO firm to make the best outcomes.

Social Media Management

Our SMO team will manage all of your company's social media profiles to ensure they're active and attract your followers.

Paid Campaigns

We help you to do paid marketing campaigns for your social media platform to direct more audiences and transform them into active leads.

Contests on Social Media

To stand out from the crowd, our SMO specialists create unique social media contests to grow your brand awareness.

Blog Promotions

We use social media platforms as ideal platforms to promote various sorts of blog content to generate more views and engagement.


Social Media Reviews have an essential role in brand awareness, and we will help you have real social media reviews from your customers.


We regularly send SMO campaign reports to our customers with all the transparent data regarding the campaign strategy and its outputs to know your ROI.

Why Choose Cliffex as Your SMO Partner?

At Cliffex, we provide the best SMO services concentrated on new followers generation, engaging the available users, generating profit-generating campaigns that offer real results, hence assuring your firm's development and success.


We offer the best cost-effective SMO services to generate quick and effective results.

Increase in Traffic

We create the content for your social media that help you to increase the traffic.

Create a Brand Image

We will set your campaign in such a way that creates your positive brand image.

Higher Conversion Rates

We directly target the specific audience, which increases the conversion rates.

Use Influencers

We use influencers to promote your business and brand to the appropriate audience.

Enhanced Engagement

We do social media paid campaigns to improve customer engagement.

⊙ Frequently asked questions

  • What is SMO service

    Social media optimization (SMO) is the usage of social media networks to manipulate and grow a corporation’s message and online presence. As a digital advertising approach, social media optimization may be used to grow consciousness of recent products and services, connect to clients, and ameliorate capability adverse information. Various social media structures may be used for digital advertising and marketing, which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Pinterest. SMO is similar to SEO, in that the purpose is to generate internet visitors and growth consciousness for an internet site. In widespread, social media optimization refers to optimizing a website and its content to encourage greater users to apply and proportion hyperlinks to the website throughout social media and networking sites. SMO also refers to software tools that automate this procedure, or to website specialists who undertake this technique for clients.

  • What are the best tools for SMO

    Optimizing social media is a tedious and time-eating affair but with SMO gear, it becomes a breeze and many tools can help in social media optimization. So now let us see what are the tools available are for SMO • Edocr • HubSpot Social Media Tool • Mailchimp • Canva • Do Share • Feedly • Agora Pulse • Google Analytics With the help of these tool your SMO task will get easily done.

  • How we can improve our SMO

    One of the leading advocates of SMO Joshua Berg. He has proposed the seven-step model REAL SMO, which is: Reputation
    - build your popularity as a reliable qualified supply Engagement
    - encourage extra engagement, sharing & reciprocate Authority
    - grow to be a first-rate authority in your area of information Leadership
    - harness originality & creativity, be a Thought Leader Social
    - be social, find and engage sociable specialists in your field Media
    - recognize your social media platforms to maximize have an impact on Optimization
    - improve technical elements to boom optimization These seven steps provide an amazing benchmark against which you may assess and plan your present-day SMO pastime.

  • Should I hire anyone for SMO

    Yes you can hire an agency or freelance for SMO. Social Media businesses are prepared to take a method in keeping with the needs of your commercial enterprise in addition to the dimensions of your budget. Small value solutions are also to be had for small agencies, whilst honest charge renovation plans can be organized if the business enterprise is employed for ongoing offerings. Social media is not a one-time activity that’s why the maximum of the companies are prepared to provide discounts. The revel in such companies within the social media business is simply priceless. It does no longer depend on how plenty in-intensity approximately social media advertising and marketing and optimization, but the enjoyment in that's what counts. Knowing the professionals and cons of that is what makes all of the distinction between speedy and sluggish fulfillment. The time to installation a green social media marketing campaign relies upon at the expert level of specialists. An expert SMO agency can provide you a group which could convey you better results depend on weeks.

  • What are the different packages available in SMO

    There are different packages available in SMO, however the packages of SMO is for every month. So you will need to look for different companies to check there packages and prices what they offer.

  • 6) What are SMO activities

    If you want to stand out in the crowd then you must have unique SMO activities with you. The SMO includes many different activities they are listed below which will help you to enhance your business. • Unique content • Engagement • Authority • Social • Media platforms • Optimization • Make content easily accessible • Incorporate permalinks in blogs • Be humble • Stay fresh

  • What are the benefits of the SMO

    If you are new in business and you want to grow your business then SMO is the most important factor which will help you to grow your online presence. This will help you to increase your business. Following are some of the listed benefits of the SMO • Ensures a Strong Presence on the Web • Increases the Reach • Drive More Traffic • Lead Generation • Improves Search Engine Ranking To make the most of social media optimization, corporations want to keep their content material applicable in addition to shareable. The greater the content is shared the better would be its ratings in search engines like google and yahoo. This will result in a sturdy social media presence and also drive visitors to the website.

  • Is SMO important for website?

    Yes, it's critical for any commercial enterprise to do social media marketing. Social media marketing (SMM) is a sort of Internet selling that makes use of lengthy-range casual communique web sites as an advertising medium. The goal of SMM is to supply content material that clients will impart to their social community to permit an employer to extend their emblem exposure and widen client reach. One of the key segments of SMM is social media optimization (SMO). As an SEO company in Bangalore(search engine optimization), SMO is a system for drawing new and fantastic visitors to a site. SMO ought to be viable in specific methods: adding social media links to content material. SMM allows an employer to get on the spot input from clients (and potential customers) whilst influencing the company to appear to be extra personable. The intuitive parts of online existence provide customers the risk to make inquiries or voice grievances and experience they're being heard.

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