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Social media marketing without a well thought out strategy is worthless.​

Stop! If you are doing social media outreach without proper social media strategy. Build your social media marketing strategy for increased brand visibility, improved customer relationships, higher conversion rates, and more.

Cliffex offers social media marketing services to businesses of all sizes, including small startups, enterprises, and multi-location companies. Our team of experts can help you create a successful campaign. By working with us, you can increase your brand’s visibility and reputation on social media

At Cliffex, our specialists can help you get started with your B2C or B2B social media campaigns and explain the different aspects of social media marketing. We execute on a social media marketing strategy only after building a strategy by careful audit and planning. By learning from our experts, you can avoid common mistakes and successfully reach your target audience through social media marketing.

With the increasing popularity of social media, it is important to understand how to effectively market your business on social media platforms. However, many marketers are unfamiliar with the demands and strategies of social media marketing. According to a report by Search Engine Journal “On average, companies can expect to lose about $4.3 million in global sales because of social media mistakes.”

Increase your brand's visibility online and build up your connections with customers and followers.

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David P. Sullivan | Founder @Sullivan Media

David P. Sullivan | Founder @Sullivan Media

“Great Team! Cliffex has completely surpassed our expectations.”

Our Success Stories

We use a systematic approach to social media marketing to ensure our efforts drive profitable results. Partner with us to improve your customer acquisition and retention rates through our social media marketing services.

Removable Veneers

Boost sales of a growing dental products company with SEO, Content marketing, PPC Ad Campaigns.


Organic traffic Increased


Online sales Increased

ChuChu Goldfish

Ranked an e-commerce supplier of aquarium Goldfish to #1 spot in search engine rankings within 6 months.


Revenue Increased


Keywords ranked

Sullivan Media

Revenue impact to OOH advertising company within 6 months using our approach of SEO and PPC Campaigns.


Webtraffic increased


Leads increased

Connect with your audience online

Social media marketing platforms is a powerful tool for small businesses and enterprises to connect with their target audience and build brand awareness.

brand recognition and visibility

Increased brand recognition and visibility

Improved customer relationships

Improved customer relationships

Higher conversion rates

Higher conversion rates

Our Social Media Marketing Services.

Maximize the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns and increase sales for your business.

Social media strategy development

We offer a range of social media strategy development services to help businesses effectively leverage social media platforms to achieve their goals. Our team of experts can assist with creating a customized social media strategy that aligns with your overall marketing and business objectives. Services include market and audience research, content creation and planning, social media platform selection and setup, and ongoing strategy optimization and execution.

Social media profile creation and management

Social media profile creation and management involves setting up and maintaining a business’s presence on various platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This includes creating a visually appealing profile, posting regular updates and engaging with followers, and utilizing features such as hashtags and paid advertising. Proper social media management can help increase brand awareness, generate leads, and improve customer relationships.

Social media content creation and curation

Social media content creation and curation involves developing and sharing relevant, high-quality content on a company’s social media platforms. This may include creating original text, images, and video, as well as curating content from other sources that is of interest to the company’s target audience. The goal of content creation and curation is to engage and grow a company’s online community, and to ultimately drive traffic and conversions.

Social media engagement and community management

Social media engagement and community management involves actively interacting with and responding to users on a company’s social media platforms. This may include responding to comments and messages, engaging with users through likes, shares, and comments, and encouraging user-generated content. The goal of engagement and community management is to foster a positive online community and to ultimately improve customer relationships.

Social media advertising and paid promotion

Social media advertising and paid promotion involves using paid tools and strategies to increase the visibility and reach of a company’s content on social media platforms. This may include promoting posts, using sponsored content, and targeting specific audiences through sponsored ads. The goal of social media advertising and paid promotion is to increase brand awareness and drive traffic and conversions.

Social media analytics and performance tracking

Social media analytics and performance tracking involves using tools and metrics to measure the effectiveness of a company’s social media strategy and identify areas for improvement. This may include tracking metrics such as engagement rates, website traffic from social media, and conversions. The goal of social media analytics and performance tracking is to help a company understand how its social media efforts are impacting its overall business objectives and to optimize its strategy accordingly.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing involves partnering with individuals or organizations that have a large and engaged online following, often in a specific niche or industry, to promote a company’s products or services. Influencers may create sponsored content or promote a company’s products through their social media channels or blog. The goal of influencer marketing is to reach a targeted audience through the credibility and influence of the influencer, and ultimately drive traffic and conversions.

Customer service on social media

Customer service on social media involves using social media platforms to address and resolve customer inquiries, complaints, and issues in a timely and efficient manner. This may include responding to private messages and comments, as well as monitoring and addressing public posts and reviews. The goal of customer service on social media is to improve customer satisfaction and retention, and to enhance a company’s reputation and brand image.

Social media integration with other marketing channels

Social media integration with other marketing channels involves seamlessly incorporating social media into a company’s overall marketing strategy. This may include cross-promotion with email marketing, incorporating social media sharing buttons on a company’s website, and aligning social media campaigns with offline events and promotions. The goal of social media integration is to create a cohesive and consistent brand experience across all marketing channels and to amplify the reach and impact of a company’s marketing efforts.

Build a Long Term Connection With Your Target Audience

Staying current in the constantly evolving field of social media marketing is essential for businesses that rely on B2C strategies. However, many companies struggle to effectively manage their social media brand, resulting in a lack of consumer engagement. Avoid  this trap by implementing effective techniques to promote your business and connect with your audience on social media platforms. Proper social media brand management is key to success in this realm.

Elevate and Enhance Your Social Media Marketing Strategies

If your company is experiencing a decline in organic reach and struggling to get noticed by your target audience, it may be time to consider a strategic approach to  social media marketing efforts. Recent algorithm updates have made it harder to achieve success through cookie cutter methods alone. Advanced tactics can provide a boost to your marketing campaigns and help drive consistent sales from the outset.

With an increasing number of brands utilizing social media advertising, it is important to understand how to leverage advertising opportunities in social media to maximize conversion opportunities.

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Conquer Social with Cliffex Social Media Marketing Services

Partner with Cliffex Social Media Marketing Team to reach new heights in social media marketing and enhance your competitive edge. Our transparent and strategy driven approach allows you to see the direct impact of our efforts on your online revenue. By providing effective social media management and marketing strategies, we offer a valuable resource for all your digital marketing needs. Below are some benefits of working with Cliffex social media marketing services:

Experience and Expertise in Social Media Marketing

From our certified experts and social media professionals you will be able to judge our level of experience and expertise in social media marketing. We are a team with a deep understanding of social media platforms and marketing strategies will be better equipped to develop and execute campaigns that drive results for your business.

Proven record of successful campaigns across industries

Our proven record of successful social media campaigns across industries demonstrates a track record of delivering successful outcomes for a variety of clients, regardless of their industry or sector. This is a valuable asset for our clients when looking to drive business growth and achieve their marketing objectives.

Transparent process for planning and executing campaigns

Transparency is key in social media marketing campaigns to ensure that all stakeholders are aware of the strategies and tactics being used to achieve campaign objectives. Our transparent process for planning and executing campaigns allows for open communication, collaboration, and the ability to make informed decisions that drive campaign success. 

Advance Knowledge of Platform Algorithms

Having advanced knowledge of social media platform algorithms allows our social media marketing experts to effectively reach your target audience and maximize the impact of their marketing efforts. This knowledge can help to ensure that content is being delivered to the right people at the right time, increasing the likelihood of engagement and driving business results.

Strong Communication and Client Service

At Cliffex, apart from providing superior social media marketing services, our strong communication and client service is what sets us apart. Good communication helps us to build trust and establish a positive working relationship with our clients, while excellent client service ensures that their needs and expectations are met in a timely and satisfactory manner. 

Collaborative and Insightful Team of Experts

Being a collaborative and insightful team of social media marketing experts Cliffex can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, resulting in more effective marketing campaigns. By working together and sharing ideas and insights, our team can develop innovative strategies and tactics that drive business growth and achieve SMM marketing objectives. 

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