Bespoke Software Development Services For Every Enterprise

Cliffex provides comprehensive digital IT consulting and services for all enterprises. We are recognized for our agile implementation, client-focused approach, and the value we bring to the table.

Exceptional products built by exceptional talent.

At Cliffex, we offer a complete range of services that build business value, reduce inefficiencies, and promote growth. Our bespoke services help enterprises scale from an initial idea to product with the help of our domain knowledge and consulting expertise.

Design Consulting

Design consulting that strives to create visually appealing and functional solutions that address user needs and support the objectives of the business.

Product Design

Creating products that are functional and visually appealing, with the goal of solving user problems and meeting the needs of the business.


Interface Design (UI)

Designing appealing visual and interactive elements of a product to make it easy and intuitive for users to navigate and interact with.


User Experience Design(UX)

Designing intuitive digital systems to improve the overall user experience, by considering the user’s needs, wants and limitations.


Design System

Creating a unique identity and image for our clients through visual design to complement and elevate their messaging and positioning.



Creating intuitive, empathetic and unique artistic illustrations that help our clients tell a story and explain the messaging to the customers.


Graphic design

Creating visual content to communicate complex ideas, information, and emotions in an easy to understand manner through visual arts.


Product Engineering

Product engineering that converts a complex process into process driven guidelines. Ensuring success by applying innovative solutions by talented individuals.

Mobile app development

Building fast and performance driven custom mobile applications for iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) while matching development and design guidelines set-fourth by the operating systems.


Web development

Crafting secure, responsive, beautiful, and performance oriented custom web applications. Building maintainable CMS driven websites and e-commerce web stores for our clients.


Software as a Service(SaaS)

Using rapid prototyping and innovative techniques to build scalable, high growth revenue generating web applications for global customers fueled by SaaS subscription model.


ERP applications

Our understanding of enterprise processes, business functions and inter team communication helps us build intuitive Custom ERP applications to efficiently manage any enterprise operations.


Offshore development

We offer offshore development teams to global enterprises that need deeper collaboration, smooth communication, dedicated focus, and nuanced insights from their offshore team members.


MVP development

Going from an idea to product is not an easy task. Our consulting and MVP approach to digital product development helps startups build successful businesses with customer feedback driven iterative approach.


Cloud Engineering

Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Certified cloud engineering team to implement, manage, monitor and optimize cloud infrastructure for global enterprises.

Cloud management and migration

Our professional and certified AWS and GCP cloud architects manage your cloud infrastructure to provide the best value on your cloud infrastructure investments. 


Managed DevOps

Deliver next level support to your dev team. Implement and go beyond DevOps automation in provisioning infrastructure on cloud and CI/CD pipeline flows.


Managed security

With our managed security services lean and implement protection for applications and network to reduce risks and minimize consequences of cyberattacks.


Application mordenization

Enjoy highly available and infinitely scalable applications by migrating applications to cloud. Implement monitoring and constant optimization for best user experience. 


Cloud optimization

Discover new paradigms in efficiency and cloud infrastructure usage. We optimize cost by identifying and reducing unnecessary spending on cloud resources.


Monitoring and support

We use various services like AWS CloudWatch, Data Dog APM, New Relic APM, etc. to monitor and log infrastructure and applications for proactive actions.


35%+ cost savings for cloud infrastructure across providers

We have consistently provided managed cloud services with cost saving benefits, seamless scaling, better reliability to our clients.

5x customer satisfaction

Reliable cloud infrastructure increased customer satisfaction for our clients.

10x ROI

Consistent efforts to optimize, improve, and automate cloud infrastructure will have huge impact on the business over long term.

Optimizing Business Operations with Advanced Cloud Native Capabilities

Enhance your revenue sources, optimize the performance of your cloud infrastructure and embrace the future with the assistance of top Google Cloud and AWS cloud consulting experts and foremost industry specialists.

Our cloud expertise allow enterprises to build and deploy applications as a set of loosely-coupled microservices, providing greater scalability and flexibility.

Inherent cloud-native solutions enable us to automate the development, testing, and deployment of applications, improving the speed and reliability of software releases.

Our Google Cloud and AWS experts implement monitoring and management tools that enable enterprises to identify and resolve performance issues in real-time, improving the availability and reliability of their applications.

Cliffex managed cloud services enable organizations to define and manage their infrastructure as code, making it easier to automate and repeat infrastructure deployments, while reducing the risk of manual configuration errors.

Get the experienced implementation advice and use containerization to package applications and dependencies, making it easier to deploy and manage applications across multiple cloud environments.

Our Google Cloud and AWS experts enable enterprises to use serverless computing capabilities, allowing you to build and run applications without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure, reducing costs and improving scalability.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Our digital marketing consultants help enterprises unlock their potential by asking the right questions and measuring the required outcomes for success.

Search Engine Optimization

Raise awareness, build reputation, generate interest and sell more with our digital marketing services.


Social media marketing

Build and execute the right social media plan by identifying your audience, posting unique content and engaging them.


eCommerce marketing

eCommerce and amazon marketing to grow your revenue via product search, social media campaigns, and organic reach.


Performance marketing

Get the most out of your campaign spends with performance marketing done by certified, experienced professionals.


Reputation management

Building positive, honest, and responsible brand by careful planning of brand messaging to delight customers.


Content marketing

Powerful, context aware, and nuanced content engine to take your brand messaging to new heights.


Seriously epic PPC marketing benefits

Maximize your online presence and drive targeted traffic to your website with our effective PPC marketing services.

10x ROI

Most of our clients experience 10x ROI on their PPC advertising campaigns

12x your reach

Boost your brand visibility and reach your audience faster for more revenue

Outperform the Competition by Unleashing the Power of Digital Marketing

Drive engagement, increase sales and grow your business with our pragmatic digital marketing services. Reach out to our digital marketing consultants today to learn more about how our services can help your business.

Reach and engage with your target audience online by investing in pragmatic digital marketing services to drive strong returns and achieve your business goals. Increase revenue, book more sales, become a thought leader in your market with our digital marketing services.

Our digital marketing services helps you reach a wider audience, promoting your brand and building recognition among potential customers. Digital marketing strategies will be targeted to specific audiences, helping you acquire new customers more efficiently and effectively.

By reaching a larger audience and improving engagement, our digital marketing services can help you increase sales and drive revenue growth. In addition, the ability to measure results enables us to make data-driven suggestions and optimize your marketing strategies for maximum impact.

Modern Technology

Enabling enterprises to leverage latest advancements in technology and take rapid strides towards success. 

AR / VR / Metaverse

Expert consulting for Unreal Engine and Unity workloads for pushing the boundaries of Virtual reality (VR), Augmented reality (AR), and Metaverse.


IoT / Connected hardware

Build the right custom application stack for IoT and connected hardware appliances with BLE and/or Wifi controllers and firmwares.


Blockchain / Crypto

Expand practical business applications with blockchain technology like security (ledger), transparency, traceability, speed and automation (smart contracts).



Execute rapid application development over the likes of Outsystems, ServiceNow, and UI Path with full control and flexibility over your business logic. 


No-code technology

Democratize subject matter expert driven rapid development to all your in-house functions in sales, finance, marketing, and operations.