What Makes us Different: Project Management + DevOps + QA?

At Cliffex, we have built a culture of collaboration between teams that used to earlier work in separate siloes. It is a firm handshake between software development and IT operations, resulting in continuous integration, continuous delivery and better collaboration.

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What is Project Management?

Successfully guide a project from conception to completion. It has a plan in place to efficiently guide a project, to deliver an outcome, within the constraints of budget and time.

Why Our Project Management Services?

We offer project management services with real-world experience from startups and product owners. We understand what works well for your business and whatnot. We adopt agile methodologies for your mobile and web development projects.

Our Project Management Services

We take a flexible and responsive approach for our startup clients. We make sure they adhere to the plan with sound project management. Selecting the right method is a hard nut to crack for your business, and we carefully plan what works well for your business.

The enterprises have multiple departments, processes, procedures and resources. We need to be careful about the legal risks in the startups. There is a plan in advance, but sometimes we require Adhoc, faster approvals.

We make sure that tech startups embrace change continuously. We ensure tradeoffs in the form of speed of change of the design and development team. We enable the startups to reach the market faster with innovations. We adopt lean methodologies for maximum results with optimum resource utilization. However, we choose between new value propositions or innovations for the enterprises.

What is DevOps?

Breakdown the siloes in your organization to move towards DevOps-driven culture for better collaboration.DevOps integrates everyone in software development and deployment into a single unit to better serve the organization’s business needs.

Why Our DevOps Services and Solutions?

Streamline your business processes and enhance the efficiency with DevOps. We integrate the development and agile testing process collaboratively, ensuring quality and faster time-to-market.

Our DevOps Solution

We bring processes, people and technology with our DevOps development and solutions and automate the product delivery, adding value to our clients. We help your business to transform from legacy systems to an optimized world of DevOps. Improve the productivity of your workforce and reduce the operating expenses with our DevOps solution.

The efficient project management team at Cliffex ensures that the organization continuously move towards agility. The primary objective is to deliver a superior customer experience with a frictionless collaboration between the developers and the operations team.

We make sure to integrate human-driven QA and DevOps for better management of risks and offer a stable, robust DevOps solution for our global clients. We make sure your organization adopts the DevOps culture and speed up the development process. We provide the extra level of fitness with continuous improvement.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance ensures that an organization offers the best possible product or services to the customers. It consists of the process of verifying whether the product meets all the customer specifications as well as customer expectations.

Our Quality Assurance
(QA) Solution)

We deliver a positive experience for the end-users. For the startups with limited budgets, we recommend a cost-efficient, dedicated QA team for shorter projects.

As per Forrester Research, the QA budget is 25 % of the development budget. Our experienced QA team ensure a bug-free application that incorporates end-user feedback. We render smooth and fully-functional experience for end-users.

QA means not testing the app as an end-user or smashing some buttons. We go beyond reviewing design and requirements, writing test cases and detecting and fixing bugs. Responsive design testing plays an important role in our web applications to work well on mobile devices and browsers.

For the larger projects, we perform beta testing of mobile apps. We also automate QA by using various tools. We believe that designers act as the best UI/UX testers.

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