Guiding Principles

Regardless of how our product design and development process evolve, we are always true to our 3 guiding principles.


Our processes are thoroughly agile and support shorter iterations with improvements based on qualified learnings. Faster deliveries and quality product - guaranteed!

User Centric

We follow user centric design thinking approach. In return, this helps us understand the product, your vision, need, and ultimately - audience. Makes for a better product-market fit.

Feedback Oriented

User feedback is our guiding light. Depending on the product, we either build the feedback loop into the product or use analytical data driven techniques to help drive informed decision making.


Our experience helps our processes evolve

We constantly evolve our processes to make sure that learnings from one product can help ensure success of other.

Our process

Our process helps us execute on your vision without fail. Enables us to maintain good quality and fast delivery times.

Understanding the product
and your vision

The first real phase before we begin working on your product is to understand your product, its market, positioning and your vision around it.

Product and market research
based on your vision

We build deeper understanding of your product and its market. We perform competitor, feature, and value proposition analysis to create a summary report.

Together, we create an SOG
statement of goals

We embark on a journey to explore product requirements that match our capabilities. Based on this, we draft out specific goals and a timeline that allows us to accomplish your product vision.

Work breakdown
and delivery schedule

Based on the goals, we break the work into specific categories to be done at different phases by different team members. You get a delivery schedule of what is coming up, what is being worked on, and when it will be ready.

Progress updates
with something to show

We will keep you updated on the progress on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. End of each week, we will also show you the progress even if it is unfinished - so you are always in the know about the speed and progress.


We believe that processes are tools towards success. There is a lot that goes into building a successful product. If you have what it takes and you are looking for an equally deserving partner, talk to us. You wont be disappointed.

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