Technology to bring your restaurant to the 21st century. Get discovered, improve guest experience and increase restaurant sales.

Restaurant Website

A custom Website, tailored to the
specific needs of your brand.

Social Media & Promotions

Get discovered, build fan following, send special offers, coupons, loyalty points.

Online Ordering

Give your customers the best online
system to place orders.

Online Reservations

Put your tables online and always be
open for reservations.

Keep your customers and say goodbye to third-party fees.

Save ordering history for each customer and send promotional offers and discounts so they keep coming back for more. Reduce third-party commissions.


Restaurant Website

A custom Website, tailored to the specific needs of your brand, Make your restaurant stand-out online. Showcase your food, ambiance, and kitchen - in a website designed specially for the customer experience you want to create.


Restaurant Promotion

Get discovered on Yelp and Google locals. Build fan following on instagram, facebook, and twitter. Send special offers, promotions, and discount coupons to your customers. Use guest loyalty system to keep your guests coming back. Remember birthdays and other special occasions, linked to special offers - and generate repeat business!


Online Ordering

Give your customers theist user experience to place orders: easy, fast, secure, and efficient. Receive bank payments and process orders via your ePOS system, phone, email, or printer.


Online Reservations

Put your tables online and always be open for reservations. Your customers can pre-order and you can be prepared with their order when they arrive! Delight your customers and optimise your supply in one swift move!

How online ordering works.

Once your Website is set-up, there are 3 simple steps to take:

Customer Places Order

A customer browses your online menu and places an order. They can choose to pay online and have the food delivered or pick-up from the restaurant, cafe or bar.

Order Received By You

The order is sent to you on your ePOS system or email or text.

Customer Is Notified

You can send updates to the customer when the order is ready and out for delivery. Your delivery staff can also alert the customer when they are nearby.


Delight your customers and
make them a fan.

You make sure to provide the best customer service at your restaurant. Why not do it online as well? Get best-in-class online ordering system and the ability to send order updates to your customers. This means your customer will know exactly when their orders will arrive: each step of the way.


Your Own Customer Database

You work hard to create a restaurant that serves the community with great food and great ambiance. You work hard to delight your customers. We help you keep connected with your customers - in a safe and compliant way.

Our cloud platform is GDPR-compliant. We ensure security of your data.


Take Feedback Online

Good customer feedback is worth its weight in gold. Our system makes it very easy to take and implement customer feedback to make your service better.

You also have the option to export feedback in Excel or .csv formats for integration with a third-party reporting system or spreadsheet.


Send Order Updates

Don’t let your users guess about arrival timing of their online orders. Delight your customers by sending them personalised updates with a push of a button.

Food delivery staff can also trigger useful last mile 'arriving soon' updates from their mobiles.

Online Menu

Your menu is the face of your restaurant. Get complete control of your online menu with easy manual and automated controls that make regular maintainance of your menu a simple task.

Feature Your Dishes

Promote your specialities in a specially-designed featured section on your online menu. Seasonal specialities? Change your dishes as frequetly as you like. You are in control.

Manage Your Menu

Have different online menus for different meals of the day? Use menu scheduling options to control menu visibility. Running out of a dish? Easily control what is visible on your online menu and when.

Add Key Information

You can easily show calories and mark vegan choices, allergens, and say, gluten-free items on your online menu. It provides information and helps your customers make the right choice quickly.


Handle Change Effortlessly

Errors happen. Our system facilitates easy changes to orders so that errors don’t break your business.

We will work with you to ensure that your ePOS system is cofigured to handle order change requests properly.


Win Back Lost Customers

Customers can be easily lost. Message your registered customers automatically with discounts on their abandoned carts so that they can come back to you and enjoy your food!

A customer needs to be registered and logged-in to your Website for this automation to occur. This also ensures GDPR compliance.


Measure Impact

Our tools, and integration with third-party systems, enables you to gain insights into your customers and their online ordering habits.

With our system, you can export data in Excel or .csv formats for integration with a third-party reporting system or spreadsheet.

From Online to Offline

Let online boost your sales. Send exciting offers and promotions to your loyal online customers. They will bring their friends and family on holidays, for parties or get togethers. Now your online customers can truely enjoy your food online and enjoy your ambiance and services personally at your location as well.

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We Understand Your Business

We have created a system that helps you grow your restaurant business. Our helpdesk and support system makes sure we are always available to support you and pay attention to your feedback.

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