Custom Document Scanning and Uploading App

Build a better brand and improve your accounting business with your own document scanning and uploading app for your clients.

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Upload Everything and Scan Easily for Your Esteemed Clients

Large volumes of documents accumulate on accountant’s desks during peak seasons. Clients provide a massive amount of documents for processing. You can allow your clients to send their documents in digital format via custom document scan apps. Prevent data breaches and maintain the privacy of sensitive client documents with your own custom branded document scanning and uploading app from Cliffex.

We have the ability to develop simple, buttery-smooth user interfaces, targeted to the clients of accounting businesses. We use modern technology like Google’s Flutter to build custom document scanning apps for Android and iOS. We create flexible, high-quality apps with Node.js for backend development.

Your accounting business can harness the power of our custom Android and iOS apps to empower your clients to upload their documents to Cloud storage or send directly for processing through emails. Allow your clients to upload and create high-quality document scans, anywhere, anytime with just a tap.

Our custom solution also provides your clients with the ability to merge multiple images into a single PDF. You can manage documents and collaborate with your team with an integrated document management system.

Outstanding Features of High-Quality Mobile App

Leverage document digitization with our app. Streamline your document workflow with our Scanning and Uploading app. Allow your clients to securely upload their documents to the Cloud. Scan documents of all types and preview the same. We promote the brand of your business with a customized flexible app for your accounting business.

Scan from Device Camera

Create high-quality scans, with a single tap from the phone’s camera.

Ensure Quick Uploads

We ensure quick uploads, preserving the image quality with optimization techniques to select the best file size

Client Registration and Approval

We customize the client registration process and incorporate an approval process for you to accept or reject clients.

Collaborate Efficiently

Collaborate with your team to store, sync, organize and manage documents with Integrated Document Management System.

Handle File Upload Errors

Our apps handle file upload Errors of the likes of phone crashes by automatic resume function.

Merge into a Single PDF

Your clients can easily scan and merge multiple pages into a single, streamlined PDF document.

Why Choose Cliffex?

We provide custom app development for multiple industries. We have developed special capabilities to develop custom technology that empowers accounting businesses to grow their business.

Picture-perfect Scan

Our app enables your clients to preview scans of all documents before sending to you.

Scan with a Single Tap

Your clients can scan documents of all types such as invoices, purchase orders, receipts just by a single tap.

Clean Images

Our solution carries out image cleaning of the scanned images in the form of edge enhancements.

Integrated with CRM

We can provide a CRM or integrate with an existing CRM system to help you manage all clients registering with the app.

Track Documents

Your clients can track the history of all uploaded documents quickly with the My Uploads section of the app.

Technical Support (24 X 7)

Our experienced technical team provides you with high-quality technical Support (24 x 7) for all post-launch queries.

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We’ve worked on mobile products for clients of all sizes, from startup to enterprise brands. Let’s talk about your project and how we can help provide value and traction.

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