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Extension of your team

You can integrate our experts into your existing team for all software solution needs. We provide flexibility in terms of timelines, team size, skillsets and budget to accommodate any changes.


End-to-end solution

Your dedicated team does everything from UI/UX design, mobile and web development, DevOps and cloud engineering to testing, delivery and software maintenance.


Software maintenance

Your team will continually upgrade and improve the product to meet technological needs or user expectations. Dedicated team model is perfect for ongoing projects with changing requirements.

Embrace business agility and scalability with a dedicated development team tailored to your needs.

Setup process for dedicate software development team

Why Choose ____ Dedicated team?

We hire the best developers in the market through a rigorous selection process. The developers have also developed expertise across various domains through experience. Thus, we have a pool of highly talented developers with technology and domain expertise that fits your requirements.

We provide complete transparency and access to your team through the project lifecycle. You have complete control over the dedicated development team, which allows you to have open communication and contact with any developer throughout the project lifecycle.

Our dedicated software team can adapt to all your project requirements. We can adjust to your time zone or any new software development initiative. We can adopt processes, methodologies, or preferred technology as per your project requirements.

For us the customer always comes first. We strive to meet all your requirements and deliver high-quality software solutions or products. We mitigate all risks related to your business and ensure the successful implementation of your project.

Case studies

Success stories that made us more experienced than ever.

100% Client Success

Dedicated teams deliver value and get great reviews

68 Projects completed

Deploying 7+ dedicated teams every year

$75 M VC funded

Dedicated teams working on funded products

100+ Global Engineers

Rapidly expanding team to meet new demand


World’s first Cryptocurrency and Stock Fantasy Gaming Platform

Our engineering and software craftsmanship made possible world's first legal fantasy stock exchange and cryptocurrency gaming app and one of the first fantasy trading platforms in India that works on a simple online fantasy gaming principle.

  • UI/UX Design
  • App Development
  • Backend Development
  • Technical Architecture
  • Frontend Development
  • DevOps and Cloud Engineering

IndiFolio Network

India's #1 platform for designers

Team Cliffex is the technical powerhouse behind India's top portal for finding and hiring creative talent. Features 162,000+ artworks. Used by top 10,000 companies and startups to find the best creative talent in India.

  • Frontend Development
  • DevOps and Cloud Engineering
  • Backend Development
  • Martech & Reporting

Get Creator

#1 Creative talent marketplace in India

Leading marketplace for top brands to find hand-picked domain experts from the largest collection of creative services. Our dedicated team of software experts work on every aspect of making GetCreator a reality.

  • Technical Architecture
  • Backend Development
  • UI Development
  • Frontend Development
  • DevOps and Cloud Engineering
  • Interactivity

Broker Genius

World-class SaaS pricing technology for ticket brokers

Intelligent approach to pricing technology. Broker Genius is a web application par excellence. Broker Genius offers world-class pricing technology to help ticket brokers achieve higher profits and accelerate growth.

  • UI/UX Design
  • Frontend Development
  • UI Development
  • Project Management

Technologies we use

Objective C
React Native
React JS
Vue JS
Next JS
Oracle SQL
Microsoft SQL
Amazon Web Service (AWS)
Google Cloud
Google Firebase
Google Analytics
Microsoft Azure

Why people choose Cliffex dedicated team?


I have nothing but great words to speak about them. They handle my app like their own. Things get done and problems get solved on their own.

Sam Sherman CEO, BrokerGenius

The whole offshore team did a great job in our development process in first-rate and it’s a wonderful experience.

Jason Vowell CTO, Consensus point

We just wanted to build an admin dashboard for chargeback gurus. What we got in return was the best feature of our product. Differentiated us from all our competition.

Suresh Dakshina President, Chargeback Gurus

Their services have always been professional and prompt while being flexible with the needs of a startup company... would highly recommend him to others.

Tom White CEO, iQuantifi

Cliffex has been a reliable partner to IndieFolio Network. They're available and responsive, making remote collaboration easy.

Kavan Antani CEO, Indiefolio Network

It is a breeze working with my team at Cliffex. I am a full time Internist and Cardiologist. I am amazed to see how much my team has been able to accomplish just with my vision and high level directions. It saves me $500,000 per year in my practice alone. Every doctor on SmartAppointment has experienced the same and praises Smart Appointment for it.

Frequently asked questions

A dedicated software development team or offshore development team is a group of software development professionals who are hired to work exclusively on project. Fluid inter-team communication between the onshore team and the offshore team happens via Slack, Google meet for video calls, and emails. Most dedicated development teams work in SCRUM or KANBAN methodology alongside the in-house or onshore team. Projects are managed via client preferred tools like Trello, Jira, Asana etc. Typically, all development team members participate in daily standups, backlog grooming, sprint planning, review and sprint retrospective meetings to streamline delivery. It is currently the most sought-after software development outsourcing model.

You get immediate access to an elite team of software professionals. It helps you increase efficiency and reduce infrastructure costs. Hiring dedicated software developers lets you keep control over the pace and execution of your projects. Cut down on your operational costs and the hassles and complexities in hiring developers on your own. Get flexibility in scaling a team up or down, and provision for extra support for your in-house team within a week.

A dedicated team may include a Lead or Sr. developer, software engineers, UI/UX designers, QA's, project managers or co-ordinators, and cloud engineers. It is important to decide on the team size as per the goals of the project. Over time, the team can be scaled up or down as per requirements. Sometimes, it is a good idea to split the team so that they can focus on individual modules of the project.

Companies need to consider certain aspects while hiring a dedicated team. It is important to consider the kind of experience the software development team has in the industry. Understand the global client base the team has and the reviews and client feedback they have on their past projects. The expertise of the team in areas specific to your industry is also important. Finally, talk to the development team members and get to know them a little bit. It helps with collaboration if you actually like the people you will be working with.

While hiring a dedicated development team, companies need to consider signing up Non-Disclosure Agreement, and Master Services Agreement (MSA) with Statement of Work (SOW), IP protection, and Information security clauses. Legal documentation ensures comfortable relationship between an IT services company and its Client.

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