Top 5 Food Delivering Apps in the UK

There is a booming market in online food delivery businesses, worldwide. In 2019, the online food delivery segment amounted to a revenue of USD 7, 730 million as per Statista. The revenue for 2023, will be USD 12, 536 million.

In the UK, takeaways have been in fashion for quite some time now. Ordering a cuisine from any of the takeaway joints is equivalent to the leisure of dining out in a restaurant.

However, with the emergence of online food ordering business. In 2017, the food ordering business yielded a revenue in the UK of 6.2 billion British pounds. The revenue from online food delivery segment is USD 4,869 million in 2019 as per Statista. This will grow to USD 6,703 million by 2023.

In this post, we will throw some light on the top 5 food delivering apps in the UK. But, before going any further, we need to know why are the food delivery services important and the different types of business models for online food ordering app development.

Over the years the online food delivery app development businesses have adopted various models to attain a new height of food delivery business.

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Here are these three business models.

Business Models for Online Food Delivery App Development Businesses

The business models are:

  • Aggregators
  • Logistics-focused services
  • Full-service on-demand services


The aggregators act as mediators. They mediate between the customers and the local restaurants. A web page or apps give access to a variety of cuisines

The aggregators provide customer support for the restaurants working with them. The users can place orders with menus, prices and ratings and reviews and with order confirmation from the customer, the aggregator passes the order to the specific restaurant.

The aggregators receive a fixed fee on the orders placed and food delivery managed by the restaurants. Some notable names are Food Panda, Just Eat and GrubHub, attain international reach through this model.

Logistics-focused/New Delivery Services

This model is the same as an aggregator, but the users can compare menus of different restaurants with this model. The mobile apps provide logistics to restaurants. It benefits the new startups, with no experience whatsoever on food delivery.

The cost of paying the drivers, insurance and vehicle maintenance are all paid through this sort of partnership. It allows the restaurants to devote their time to meaningful businesses of upgrading customer service.

Full-service on-demand Services

Here, the model is based on the businesses preparing their food and delivering the same with delivery boys, within a fixed delivery window.

Muncherry is one such full-stack delivery solution in the US.

All that the user got to do is place the order and get it delivered. It schedules a planned delivery the next day. Moreover, the menu items appear in pictures and the name of the chef too. The ratings and reviews of other customers get displayed.

So, the business has a higher level of control over the customer experience delivered. Ratings enhance the services all the more. However, an initial investment is needed for this type of business model to bear all the expenses.

Let us now deal with the top 5 food delivering apps in the UK.

Top 5 Food Delivering Apps in the UK

Here are the top 5 food delivering apps in the UK:

Just Eat

It is a British online order and delivery service and is based in London. It works in other countries such as Europe, Asia, East and North America. In 2018 only, it processed 221.2 million orders.

It has a payment gateway to allow secure payment. Moreover, it delivers the food pretty fast and is the right choice when you are hungry. Just Eat has many options on pickup and delivery to choose from.

Food Hub

It offers a wide range of cuisines to offer. It detects the location of the user and displays all the favourite takeaways for the customer – Indian curry to pan pizza. There is no commission from the restaurants or takeaways. So, we often find exclusive deals from takeaways or restaurants.

Moreover, it comes with secure payment options- cash on delivery or collection, debit or credit card payment. Furthermore, the app has meal tracker to track the progress of the meal, starting from the takeaway’s kitchen to your doorstep. Finally, order history enables the user to quickly order regular offers.


It allows the user to order food from any of the best restaurants – local hotspots or national favourites. It enables you to search by category, cuisines or restaurants. The user views the popular meals and the restaurants in their area.

It gives live updates, from cooking to real-time delivery. The app sends notifications on the delivery status. It makes it possible to schedule an order at a later time. Moreover, it tracks the rider, when at a nearby location. Securely store multiple payment methods and view order history. Furthermore, it downloads receipts.

Hungry House

Another British food delivery company and was acquired by Just Eat. It is a much smaller outlet. 10,000 restaurants get listed on it. Reliability and ease of use help the app to draw the user’s attention. It is free of cost. The app has a GPS code and a postal code and this enables the client to order online, with regards to the location.

Uber Eats

It allows browsing the nearby restaurants and searches for food based on restaurant name, diet, dish, meal and cuisines. It will enable picking the order from the menu and just use a few taps to add it to the cart. The food ordered can be scheduled for late delivery or immediately.

Moreover, the user may track the order on the map or find the estimated delivery time for the client’s address. The app allows a secure payment through Uber Cash or credit card. It offers a promo code for availing the discount on order. The user gets a notification with the arrival of the order.


The food delivery business in the UK came only after the popularity of the takeaways. There are three types of business models adopted by these companies -aggregators, new delivery services or full-service on-demand services.

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